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3 Reasons Why Moms (And Everyone Else) Should Buy Delta 9 THC

Picture this: it’s the end of a long day. Dinner is done, dishes are put away, and the kids (or pets) are all asleep. FINALLY. But being the absolute superstar that you are, that mind of yours just will not quit. It’s racing, it’s running, it’s a freaking trackstar. So what do you do? Do you pour two fingers of whiskey to slowly sip? Pour a big glass of red wine? While tempting options, we all know those are short term relaxers and will ultimately end up hurting your sleep cycle and lead to more grogginess tomorrow. No, the real solution is to buy Delta 9 THC.

And before you back away with an empathic, “No thank you”, hear me out while I give you three reasons why you should buy Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 is exactly what you need to unwind, rest, and fully relax. 

Reason #1: This is Not Your Momma’s Weed

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Reason 1 To Buy Delta 9: This is Not Your Momma’s Weed

Depending on what era you grew up in, THC probably has a different connotation and memories attached. Maybe you grew up with a 70’s mom who was a free spirit, or one who was the exact opposite. Maybe the only stoner you knew was your brother’s weird friend, or maybe you were the stoner kid. No matter what your previous experience is, the first thing to realize is that the Delta 9 THC we speak of is not weed. Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC is the cool cousin of marijuana, with similar, more mild effects. 

I’ll avoid doing a full Delta 9 THC breakdown here, but basically it is a step above CBD in strength and a step slightly below medicinal cannabis from a dispensary. That means that you’re getting the same great strains, and calming effects but without the paranoia and munchies. Sounds really great, right?

Reason #2: Your Choice of Vibe

Not into grinding, rolling, and puffing a joint? No problem! Delta 9 is more popular when vaped or in edible form. You can get the most delicious flavors in disposables or cartridges. If you have a battery or device that you like, then cartridges are a great option.

But for an all in one, hassle free vape experience, then Delta 9 Disposables are truly the best. All you need is a universal USB-C cord for charging, and you’re good to puff puff puff away. Delta 9 Vapes also make it easy to track dosage. If you’re just looking for a subtle lift, then one or two puffs will make you feel great. If you want to float away, then 3 or 4 puffs are what you need. It’s in your control, and up to you!

Edibles are a solid choice too, especially if you’d like a slower onset. Many users report that edibles help them fall asleep and stay asleep. These are the ultimate relaxation tools, but can be really strong so make sure to find your perfect dose! We recommend starting with low potency, and then working your way up to the high potency heavy hitters. 

Reason #3: Predictable & Reliable

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I’m not going to argue that wine or whiskey is not a good time. However, we all know that alcohol can cause more trouble than it’s worth. How many nights have you indulged in a glass only for it to become maybe three or four and suddenly your night is wasted? You get none of that nonsense when you buy Delta 9. 

Since Delta 9 is strain specific, you pretty much know what you’re getting into from the get-go. Awesome sites like detail strain information, so you can choose what type of experience you want with no surprises. Just remember that most of the information is about traditional marijuana, so the hemp-derived strain will be more mild in its effects. So when you want something uplifting and euphoric, then grab a Sativa blend or when you just want to mellow and become one with the couch, Indica is exactly what you need. 

Have I convinced you to buy Delta 9 as your new go to for unwinding and de-stressing? If so, here are some of our favorite products for a relaxing evening! 

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