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The Best 4/20 Deals & Prizes: Extrax Wants You to Be A Winner!

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The Best 4/20 Deals & Prizes: Extrax Wants You to Be A Winner!

The Best Holiday Of The Year

It’s the best holiday of the year! And no, I’m not so high that I think it’s Christmas… though if you pop 2 Adios MF gummies you might just transport yourself into a different dimension. Nah, all the OGs know I’m talking about 4/20! Hashtag BLAZIN 🔥🔥🔥 Wow, can you tell I was the nerdy one in college who definitely wasn’t lighting up with the Cool Group? Jokes on them though because I work for the coolest company ever – one that celebrates 4/20 bigger than we do Christmas. 

But I’m not here just to brag about my absolute glow up – no, I’m here to break down Delta Extrax’s 4/20 Deals & Giveaway and how YOU can get a glow up of your own. 

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Besides an absolute killer discount, Delta Extrax pulled out ALL the stops with these 4/20 Deals. There’s not just one prize, but over 20. Ya, we love our community and want to share that love! Some of our prizes are self-explanatory, but the bigger prizes may have less experienced enthusiasts a bit confused. No worries though, because that’s why I’m here – to relay all things THC in an easy, understandable way whether you’re a seasoned stoner or a new-to-thc beginner. 

4/20 Deals & Prizes #1: Gravity Bong

Let’s start top down, with our biggest prize: The Stundenglass Gravity Bong. Guys, this is a thing of beauty. It is stunning, incredible, and will give you an absolutely unmatched experience. This Gravity Bong features a 360 degree rotating glass infuser that uses a combination of gravity, water displacement, and opposing airflow to create a smooth smoke stream. With corrosion resistant aluminum and high quality, shock resistant glass this baby seriously delivers. 

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4/20 Deals & Prizes #2: Dab Rig

Next up for grabs is the Aeris Portable Dab Rig. This is a sleek, portable dabbing device that easily fits in your pocket, and comfortably in your hand. Crafted in stainless steel and covered in durable silicone, you can take this virtually anywhere: camping, hiking, your couch, the opportunities are endless. Small, but mighty this high tech vaporizer absolutely RIPS. 

The 420 Giveaway & Sale: Shop Now to Save Big and Earn Prizes!

4/20 Deals & Prizes #3 & 4: AirPods

Then we have Airpod Max headphones and Airpod Pros. These need far less explanation, since bluetooth headphones are a necessity for any smoke sesh. Jamming, gaming, or reading – whatever you like to get up to while enjoying your favorite delta – you definitely will benefit from airpods. And we have them in both styles for those who like a bold headphone and for those who like them sleek and discreet. 

4/20 Deals & Prizes #5: Delta Extrax Varsity Jacket

Arguably the most exciting prize is the custom Delta Extrax Varsity Jacket. Not going to lie, everyone in the office is demanding one of their own but this exclusive jacket is only for YOU. One winner will get this jacket custom made in their size fully decked out in Extrax patches. 

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4/20 Deals & Prizes #6: Delta Extrax Care Packages

Of course a giveaway wouldn’t be complete without Delta Extrax Care packages! Ranging in value from $100-$250, these boxes are what dreams are made of. Four lucky folks will get the chance to win one of these dreamy boxes that are full of our newest arrivals and bestselling favorites. 

Delta Extrax Care Package

4/20 Deals & Prizes #7: Delta Extrax Snack Packs

And it wouldn’t be a stoner holiday without snacks! For the first time ever, we’ll be curating two boxes of tasty goodies perfectly matched to compliment your go-to Extrax flavors. Plus, each box will feature a favorite snack from each of our team. 

The 420 Giveaway & Sale: Shop Now to Save Big and Earn Prizes!

4/20 Deals & Prizes #8: Delta Extrax Rolling Trays

Our final prizes are TEN branded Delta Extrax rolling trays. Made from high-quality metal, these are durable with rolled edges and raised sides for a secure sesh. They’re a great size too, so you can fit your rolled cones, THCa flower, grinder, and prerolls on it with space to spare.

Extrax-branded Rolling Trays

Thank You, Extrax Friends 💜

And there you have it, Friends, our 4/20 Deals Guide! This is our way of saying thank you to each and everyone of you. Delta Extrax has always been powered by the people, and that will never change. We exist because every single person in this company believes in the power of THC and thinks it should be accessible, safe, and a good time. Thank you for being with us everyday and for supporting this dream of a company that’s grown so much bigger than anyone could have thought. 

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