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4/20 Giveaway Winners: A Glimpse Into the Process

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4/20 may be over, but we’re not done celebrating! (And that’s not just because our team is full of stoners…) No, we’re still out here celebrating YOU. We promised a full roster of prizes, and we are getting ready to deliver! 4/20 Giveaway winners and prizes will be announced on Friday, April 26th and today we’re going to give the low down on how we’re choosing the winners. 

The Extrax Promise

The Extrax Promise - Our Promise to Our Loyal Fanbase

Remember when we promised transparency? Ya, that wasn’t just a marketing tactic – we actually meant it. So here’s how we’re choosing the winners: using excel, baby! Super exciting, right? Our team has pored over the details to make sure not a single name was missed. Now, before we get into the process, let’s recap the rules: 

1 Entry — Sign Up Via Email
3 Entries — Place Any Order
5 Entries — Place Any Order $100+
Bonus entry – Tag + Share the giveaway post on social media

Making A List, Checking it Twice

How we compile all of these entries is pretty simple. We opened an excel sheet and added in everyone who signed up for emails as the first entry. Next we added in everyone who ordered from us during the sale. We then added those customers in again so they have a total of three entries. Customers who placed $100+ orders were added to this list two times so that they would have a total of 5 entries. Finally, all social media entries were added to the list once. This list ended up being more than 10,000 entries! We’re so in awe of your guys’ support, we can’t thank you enough for participating!

Choosing The 4/20 Giveaway Winners

On to the fun part: how we choose the 4/20 Giveaway winners. To keep things fair, we use a randomized, giveaway app where we put in our number range of all available entries. The giveaway wheel picks 21 random numbers. From those 21 numbers, we then randomly choose one number per prize. And on Friday, we announce the winners and which prizes they won! Pretty exciting, right? The team loves giveaway days and it’s always so much fun for us to see which lucky customer wins. 

4/20 Deals & Prizes

If our breakdown didn’t excite you enough, let’s do a quick recap of our prizes to get you fully salivating: 

  • Let’s start top down, with our biggest prize: The Stundenglass Gravity Bong
  • Next up for grabs is the Aeris Portable Dab Rig
  • Then we have Airpod Max headphones and Airpod Pros. 
  • Arguably the most exciting prize is the custom Delta Extrax Varsity Jacket. 
  • Of course a giveaway wouldn’t be complete without FOUR Delta Extrax Care packages! 
  • And it wouldn’t be a stoner holiday without TWO curated Extrax Snack Boxes! 
  • Our final prizes are TEN branded Delta Extrax rolling trays. 

Oh yeah, it’s a pretty sweet line up of prizes. So which are you excited to win most?? Jump on our Twitter or our Discord to let us know which prize is the best and show off your 4/20 favorites! In the meantime, if you’re already needing to restock the stash, check out the new clearance items and weekly flash sales for great discounts! And remember to tune in on Friday to learn who the lucky 4/20 giveaway winners are!

The Best 4/20 Deals & Prizes: Extrax Wants You to Be A Winner! Are You going to be one of the 4/20 Giveaway Winners?

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