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5 Reasons why Most 2 Gram Disposables SUCK 

Real talk: sometimes 2 Gram Disposables are the literal worst. We’ve all been there, right? We pop into our go-to shop and instead of coming prepped knowing exactly what to grab, we get distracted by that suuuper dope disposable with the bright box and drippy font or we see one that’s really cheap and we just make a snap decision. But then we get home, pop open our shiny new device only for it to be dead, clogged, or just straight nasty. And that’s the absolute worst feeling.

So how do we avoid this? Whether you’re shopping Delta Extrax or not, we think you should be empowered to pick out the perfect 2 Gram Vape. Keep reading and I’ll tell you 5 things to avoid when shopping for disposables, so we can help you choose the best device

Reason 1: The 2 Gram Vape Looks Like A Knockoff

Those who have been around the block for awhile are pretty familiar with the OG companies like Delta Extrax who debuted Delta-8 THC and led the way in innovation. As times have changed, so has our style and branding, but it’s still really easy to spot new companies who steal designs. It’s not always insidious or malicious – sometimes a cool font or drip design blows up and every brand wants to use it.

But look out for 2G Vapes that come in packaging that looks almost exactly like a different brand. That’s a boof company, and if they aren’t putting originality into their branding, you should worry where else they might be cutting corners. Anyone can copy, but not everyone can innovate. 

Reason 2: The 2G Disposable Has Questionable Blends or Claims

As a THC Enthusiast, you’re pretty familiar with popular cannabinoids and distillate types. THCa and THCP are trending hard, and have been for a while. But what about when you see a disposable from an unfamiliar brand that’s boasting Rosin AND THCa Diamonds for less than $15 a gram? Be wary.

Let us tell you a secret: distillate isn’t cheap. So the fancier the distillate, the pricier the end product will be. Ya, that means that aforementioned brand is just using fancy buzzwords to try and get you to buy. And because this concentrate is mixed into a vape, you can’t even tell it’s not exactly what it says it is until you actually try it.

Reason 3: This 2 Gram Vape Doesn’t Have A Strain Listed

Whether you shop by flavor or cannabinoid blend, strain information is usually a deciding factor. Who wants to accidentally grab a Sativa when you’re looking for an Indica? Definitely not us. Which is why it’s really important that the 2 Gram Disposable you’re buying has that information clearly printed on the box. That’s THC 101, and any brand not doing that is a bit sketchy. 

Reason 4: There are no lab test for this 2 Gram Disposable

When shopping online it’s easier to verify lab reports…not so much when shopping in person. However, a good company will have a QR code on the back of their product OR it will have a website where lab reports can found quickly. All Delta Extrax products have a readable QR code that takes you to our Lab Reports page, so you can have peace of mind when shopping in person. Other companies might not feature a scannable code, but their website should be on the packaging and the lab reports should be easily found. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again: if a company hides their lab tests do not buy from  them. 

Reason 5: This 2G Device doesn’t have an active website

What if you’re shopping and find an awesome looking vape with no website on the packaging, and there’s no website on Google? You should definitely put that disposable right back on the shelf. Any reputable THC brand should have a website with brand information, lab reports, and FAQs. That is the bare minimum and if a brand doesn’t even meet that, then you probably don’t want to vape whatever they filled that disposable with. 

Five reasons why Extrax 2 Gram Disposables are GREAT

As promised, that was five reasons a lot of 2 Gram Disposables suck, but we don’t want to leave you on a negative note. So here’s five reasons why Extrax 2 Gram Disposables are GREAT. 

  • Intentional Packaging – all important information is clearly stated.
  • Draw Action or Preheat – Our Draw Action babies are ready to puff whenever you are. Just take a drag and fill your lungs with euphoria. And our Preheat Vapes are ready to be heated up to the perfect temperature for the perfect draw.
  • Trustworthy Blends – all of our blends are expertly and carefully crafted. The cannabinoids are blended in precise amounts so you get the best experience all around.
  • Delicious Flavors – our two gram devices feature fruity, universally loved strains. There’s something for everyone no matter which strain you want. 
  • Not just lab tested, human tested. Yup, we test all of our disposables in the lab and in real life. While the design team tests packaging, our THC testers try the blend and the device. Everything gets tweaked until we hit perfection, and that’s how you know you’re always getting a premium product. 

Unfortunately, many 2 Gram Disposables suck, but not all of them. Give Delta Extrax a try and let us know what you think! But remember these tips when shopping, so even if you’re not grabbing an Extrax pen, you’re also not grabbing a dud. Happy vaping, friends! 

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