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A Breakdown of Live Resin

A breakdown in how Live Resin is crafted

Live Resin isn’t a new concept to experience Cannabis users, but it is taking the Hemp world by storm. For all our THC Enthusiasts feeling out of the loop, don’t fret! Here’s a helpful guide on Live Resin, our exciting new products, and why we think it will change the hemp industry.

What Is Live Resin?

What Is Live Resin

In short, live resin is a vapeable Hemp concentrate. This is not to be confused with rosin – which is a different product. What makes live resin so incredible is that immediately after being harvested, the plant is frozen. It is not dried or cured, which is to ensure that the finished product is full of terpene goodness.

Live Resin Vs. Live Rosin

Live resin and live rosin are easy to get mixed up, but it’s important to note that these are two different products. They are similar in substance, yet their extraction process is what sets them apart. Live Resin involves a broad spectrum butane extraction, keeping most plant properties. Live Rosin uses a full spectrum, all natural extraction. This makes Live Rosin a more time intensive product, and quite a bit more expensive.

Being a full spectrum concentrate, Live Rosin comes with some unique qualities. It’s been described as very “planty” or “green” with a “full fat” or “oily” texture due to keeping so much of the orignal plant’s qualities. This is why so many thc lovers prefer Live Resin instead. It keeps the important qualities and flavors without being overwhelming.

Distillate Vs. Live Resin

Now that we understand what Live Resin is, let’s discuss why it’s superior to traditional distillate. Distillate is just the concentration of cannabinoids and has no terpene retention. Think of live resin as fresh aloe vera when compared to store-bought aloe vera.  Live resin would be like getting the aloe plant, cutting it open, and using the actual aloe. On the contrary, a distillate would be like purchasing aloe vera from a pharmacy that only uses the extracts. 

When discussing the merits of Live Resin, the importance of terpenes shouldn’t go unsaid. Terpenes come in various combinations, and they work in tandem with cannabinoids and flavonoids. This is what produces a type of full-spectrum effect for your body and mind, called the entourage effect. Terpenes are typically added to distillate to create vape products, but when added to Live Resin, the effects are so much more potent and delicious.

Live Resin Potency

Live Resin Potency

The potency of Live Resin is nothing to scoff at either. Since it’s broad spectrum, it packs a potent punch and also gives a cleaner high. Instead of having a flat, one note experience, live resin brings a more rounded high with big flavor and big effects.

Live resin tends to produce similar effects to smoking flower and these effects can hit within a couple of puffs. Ya, it’s that good and that potent. Still, we suggest spacing out puffs so you don’t immediately blast off to the cosmos. Even if that’s your goal, go slow and enjoy the ascent. We promise it will be worth it!

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A Breakdown Of Live Resin Conclusion

Now that you have a crash course in Live Resin, we bet you’re dying to try some for yourself! Of course, we’re bringing you top tier THC Live Resin products. Because everyone needs some variety, we now offer Delta-9 Live Resin Gummies, Delta-8 Live Resin Disposables and Cartridges. Check them out now, and make sure to let us know which flavors are your favorite!

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