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A Comprehensive Guide to Delta 8 Gummies

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A Comprehensive Guide to Delta 8 Gummies

Gummies are delicious and convenient, but there’s more to them that you may not realize. This guide discusses how to deal with melted gummies and why you don’t find strains associated with edibles. So, sit back, relax, pop a gummy, and get ready to be enlightened about Delta 8 gummies.

How To Deal With Melted Delta 8 Gummies

How To Deal With Melted Delta 8 Gummies

Now that summer is here, the chances of getting a pack of melted gummies increase, especially if you live in a hotter climate. However, you may have some questions if they are safe to eat, dosage, and how to store your edibles.

We came up with some helpful answers and tips that specifically deal with the melting Delta 8 gummies issue.

Are Melted Gummies Safe To Eat?

Melted Delta 8 gummies are safe to eat. However, there are a couple of things to look out for. You always want to ensure the package is properly sealed when you first receive them. Also, this rule applies to gummies purchased at local shops.

The reason why this is important is that you want to make sure that your gummies haven’t been tampered with. There’s not much you can do if your gummies are melted, but if they are melted, and the package is open, you might want to talk to someone about getting a new pack.

Figuring Out A Dosage

The most difficult part when dealing with melted D8 Gummies is figuring out a proper dosage. Although the gummies are probably melted together, you can still salvage them. The first thing you will want to do is make them solid again by putting them in the fridge.

Once the gummies have returned to a solid, proceed with caution. There’s no real way of knowing if one side of the gummy is more potent than the other. Therefore, we recommend taking small dosages and waiting about an hour before taking more.

Storing Your Delta 8 Gummies

When storing your gummies, you’ll want to avoid extreme temperatures. Although you might be worried that your melted gummies are no longer potent, you should only be worried about potency if it’s been boiled. 

So, to make things simple, never leave them in a hot car or next to something that heats up, like a fridge or an oven. Although frozen gummies won’t affect the potency, they might be hard to bite, so it’s best to avoid extremely cold temperatures.

The ideal place to store your gummies is in a dark cover away from UV light, aka sunlight. Gummies tend to melt at 90 °F, so keep them stored in a cool dark place. Although they come in kid-proof packaging, always keep your edibles away from easy-to-reach places. 

Why Delta 8 Gummies Have No Strains

Why Delta 8 Gummies Have No Strains

Unlike Delta 8 products you smoke or vape, Delta 8 gummies don’t come in a specific strain. If you’ve ever wondered why, the answer is pretty simple. However, we would like to break that down even more to give you the reasoning behind that.

What Are Delta 8 Strains?

All Hemp and Cannabis products come with a strain associated with them. Those strains are usually Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, which is a perfect balance of the 2. However, once a batch of Hemp or Cannabis gets extracted, you’re left with a raw distillate.

The distillate is neither Indica nor Sativa because the only thing that was extracted was the THC or CBD (that gets converted into Delta 8). Therefore, the additional properties from the plant that produce the Entourage Effect of strains are no longer present.

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Entourage Effect

A term that’s very popular in the world of Cannabis/Hemp is the Entourage Effect. It refers to how the THC reacts with other cannabinoids and Terpenes in the body. The naturally occurring Terpenes are the flavors in the plant that are meant to be uplifting or mellow.

In products like Disposables or Cartridges, those Terpenes are re-added to give them that Entourage Effect and flavors associated with a specific strain. However, no Terpenes are re-added to edibles. Instead, you get common flavors and ingredients in non-infused gummies added to Delta 8 gummies.

We use common flavors instead of Terpenes because the stuff you vape doesn’t translate well into things you eat. Let’s be real; we tolerate certain flavors in Delta 8 Disposable products because vaping can hit us faster and not leave us feeling way out of control. However, gummies tend to be delicious because they’re not locked into only using plant flavors.

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In conclusion, it sucks when your gummies melt, but there is a way to make the best out of the situation. You can put your edibles in the fridge and take small dosages. However, storing your gummies so that they don’t melt is important.

We wish that gummies did have strains so that we could gauge what to expect, but because it’s a distillate that gets flavored differently, there’s no real way of gauging the strain. 

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