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A Guide to Buying Delta 8 During The Holidays

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A Guide to Buying Delta-8 During The Holidays

The holidays are again upon us, which means eating more than you should and online shopping. However, in a perfect world, we could eat whatever we want without gaining weight and order stuff online without delays. In this guide, we share how to enhance your holiday dinners with some Delta 8 and what to expect when you order Delta 8 online.

Holiday Shipping for Delta 8

The truth is that not every company is Amazon and doesn’t run its own shipping company. Therefore, companies like Delta Extrax must rely on the Post Office or other 3rd party shipping.

You’ll need to consider shipping times, out-of-stock products, and other factors when shopping for Delta 8 during the holidays.

Shipping Times

Shipping can be a big issue during the holidays because everyone orders online, and there’s a sudden increase in shipping demands. Although there are seasonal workers for this, in this new world we live in, we have to deal with COVID outbreaks and people getting sick in general.

The solution is ordering in advance, especially if you plan to gift Delta 8 to an adult over 21. One of the best times to order is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Green Wednesday. Also, there are a lot of discounts available, and shipping in advance is always a good practice.

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Out Of Stock Delta 8 Products

Another bummer about shopping for Delta 8 during the holidays is dealing with products running out of stock. Although everyone is increasing their production to deal with the rush, sometimes products run for 50% off.

Most people tend to stock up, so you might not find your favorite product if you’re a late shopper. Have you ever been to the Mall in the days leading up to the major holiday? Empty shelves, jam-packed – that’s what’s happening online as well.

Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to inform us of upcoming sales. It helps ensure you find what you need before everyone else stocks up on it.

Reaching Out to Customer Service

Once you place an order on our website, you get a confirmation email with your tracking number. Although sometimes the tracking number doesn’t seem to update, once the package leaves our facility, it’s now in the hands of the shipping provider.

Most orders can take 3 – 7 days to ship, and if a major holiday lands during the week, you can expect an increased delay. However, if after 7 days you still haven’t received an update and nothing appears to be moving, then we recommend contacting our customer service.

Unfortunately, our offices are not open 24 hours, so you must reach out during normal hours. Our helpful staff is great at helping you find out why a package has been delayed and can help you find your tracking info.

Best Delta 8 For The Holidays

Best Delta 8 For The Holidays

All the major shopping holidays are here, and we have a list of what we recommend for you if you are planning to be stoned for the holidays.


VNGNZ Shots - Smoke Blackcraft

Nothing says deck the halls like a shot of Delta 9 THC. It mixes perfectly with cocktails; you could spread some holiday cheer without being too lit. Also, the VNGZ shots make a great stocking stuffer gift idea for the stoners in your life. Additionally, be sure to tell them this shot was a collaboration with Zacky V from Avenged Sevenfold.

THCa + Delta-9p 2G Pods Duo

THCa + Delta-9p 2G Pods Duo | Goliath Collection

When you’re looking for a sneak a toke before the holiday dinner, we recommend going with our Goliath pods. They are sleek and modern-looking, only a true stoner will know what it is. Bonus points if anyone at your home knows what the Goliath Collection is. Also, they are very potent, and just a couple of hits should do the trick.

THCA 4.5G Disposable

THCA 4.5G Disposable | Adios Blend

A hot button this year in the world of Hemp was THCA, and for good reason. THCA is very potent, and because of that, many people – without going into details – tried to make moves against it. However, while it’s here, we want you to enjoy it to the max! Think of it like a celebratory disposable.

THCa 7000mg Gummies

Adios Gummies 7000mg

The tree isn’t the only thing that will be lit up this holiday season. Have you considered trying 350mg of a THCa blend before opening presents? Although presents are enough to get you smiling – 350mg of THC doesn’t hurt. Keep in mind if you’re not used to high amounts of THC, you may want to start with 1/4 of the gummy first.

Delta Extrax Black Friday 2023

Delta Extrax Black Friday Sales

Of course, we couldn’t leave you hanging on Black Friday. Our most important days are 4/20 (Obviously) and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We show our appreciation to our customers by having some sweet deals on our site.

Delta 8 Holiday Deals

We’re not sure exactly what deals we’ll have on the website, but it will be epic! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get first dibs on the deals.

Get early updates for Black Friday


The holidays are fun, but not receiving your package on time is not. However, there are a couple of things to avoid delays, such as ordering in advance. Not only does this ensure you get your package on time, but you can take advantage of some sweet deals during the season. Whatever you plan on doing, we have the Delta 8 for you. Happy shopping!

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