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A look at the Goliath 1 Gram Pods and Device

Goliath Pod System by Delta Extrax

We’ve done it again! Here is your official introduction to our Goliath Collection, which features a unique blend of HXY-11-THC (Delta 11 THC) in a 1-gram Pod. In addition, we’re featuring a starter kit that includes our sleek new Pod device and two flavorful pods. Here is a look at what you can expect in our new Goliath Collection.

goliath Pod System Delta Extrax

The Goliath Collection

This collection features a unique blend of cannabinoids, including the coveted HXY11-THC, Delta 8, THCh, and Live Resin.


One of the latest cannabinoids creating a buzz in the world of Delta 8 is HXY11-THC. However, there seems to be some confusion on why it’s sometimes called HXY11-THC instead of Delta 11 THC. Here is a little background on why that’s so.

The Difference between HXY11-THC and Delta 11 THC

When you ingest Delta 8 or Delta 9 as an edible, your body metabolizes the THC converting it into 11-Hydroxy-THC (HXY11-THC). We extracted those same chemicals that exist in small quantities from the Hemp plant and made them into a vape product.

To distinguish the difference between 11-Hydroxy-THC (HXY11-THC), the chemical you digest, and the product you vape, you’ll sometimes see it labeled as Delta 11 THC. However, these 2 are the same compound you’re vaping; instead of your body naturally producing in your digestive tract, you’re getting it directly from the plant.

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Delta 8 THC

On its own, Delta 11 is less potent than when you digest an edible. Any form of THC you digest tends to hit you stronger because your body absorbs more of the THC. Therefore, you’ll find a blend of Delta 8 and other cannabinoids mixed with Delta 11 to help you get the most out of it.

Delta 11 is potent on its own, but the point of Delta 11 is to replicate that same compelling experience you get when you take an edible. Therefore, Delta 8 THC is necessary and works as a carrier agent to help your body absorb more of the THC. So, the combination helps replicate that same buzz you get when you take an edible, but just a lot faster.

THCh and Live Resin

Other cannabinoids included in the Goliath Pods are THCh and Live Resin. The THCh cannabinoid stands for Tetrahydrocannabihexol and is said to be ten times more. More potent means that your body tends to absorb more of the THC. 

The live resin gives these Pods a vibrant flavor because live resin uses frozen hemp plants. What this means is that the terpenes retain more of their rich flavors. The results are incredible, and you’ll love the taste even more. 

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Pod Device Starter Kit

Pod Device Starter Kit

We include a Goliath Starter Kit that will feature 1 Goliath Device along with 2 Pods. Each pod is custom-built to fit the Goliath device and has two delicious flavors to try.

This device’s specs are listed on the product page and will not include a charger. However, it uses a standard USB charger that most devices already on the market also use. The sleek design is state of the art, and we’re sure it will be your new favorite device.

Goliath 1 Gram Pods

Goliath 1 Gram Pods

These Pods fit the Goliath Device and come in 3 distinct flavors and strains; they are 1 gram each but sold in packs of 2. Here is some additional must-know information about these Pods.

Berry Blue

Berry Blue Goliath 1G Pods

The Berry Blue is the Indica strain of the trio and has a sweet blueberry flavor. However, this strain is legendary because it not only tastes good but has been around for a long time. 

If you’ve smoked cannabis, this strain might sound familiar. But, to those new to Hemp, this one will probably become your new favorite. 

Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow Goliath 1G Pod

Attention Sativa strain lovers, the Hawaiian Snow has uplifting traits that are right up your alley. It features fruity and sweet tropical flavors that are very aromatic. 

The Hawaiian Snow strain is said to embody those heavy Sativa qualities you know and love. Fun in the sun wouldn’t be complete without this flavor. 

London Pound Cake

London Pound Cake Goliath 1G Pods

Lastly, the London Pound Cake is the perfect dessert-like Hybrid strain. You can expect hints of sweet vanilla with other flavors reminiscent of a baked cake.

London Pound Cake is the perfect strain if you’re more of the chill type who doesn’t like feeling too sleepy or energetic. Also, it’s perfect for when the clock hits 4:20. 

Try The Goliath Collection

Goliath pod system berry blue london pound cake hawaiian snow and battery

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NOTE: We don’t have an exact date yet for this collection’s launch but keep checking back with us for more information.