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Our Adios MF Collection keeps getting better! Featuring a HIGHLY potent blend of THCP + THCa Live Sugar, each flavor comes in our ultra-modern 7 Gram Disposable vape for an incredible experience. These powerful devices will send you straight to the moon! πŸš€

Our Adios MF Gummies just got a tasty upgrade! Dive into the deliciousness of Raspberry Lemonade, Peach Rings, and White Gummy, each infused with a highly potent blend of THCP + THCa Live Sugar. These tropical treats are your ticket to an out-of-this-world experience⚑️
THC High Potency

Loaded With THCa Live Sugar!

This concentrate of high-potency sugar is extracted from fresh frozen flowers, preserving an abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Bigger & Better Features

Bigger, Better With New Strains!

At a 7-gram capacity, the Adios MF Disposable is our largest pre-heat device! Built-in screen, with a custom Extrax design, this is our best device yet!

The most enhanced Extrax

The Most Enhanced Extrax Disposable Yet!

The Adios MF 7 Gram Disposable is fully upgraded with a smart screen that displays battery life and product amount, in addition to side charging port!

THC High Potency

Loaded With THCa Live Sugar!

This concentrate of high-potency sugar is extracted from fresh frozen flowers, preserving an abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids.


Bigger, Better With New Flavors!

We’ve expanded our gummy line from five delicious flavors to EIGHT! These three new flavors are full of tropical, nostalgic tastes perfect for summer.

The most enhanced Extrax

The Highest Potency Gummies Yet!

At 12000mg per jar, the Adios MF THCA Gummies are the biggest yet! These high potency gummies are full of THCA and THCP for maximum impact!

Adios MF 7g THCa Disposable Vape - White Widow flavor
Adios MF 7g THCa Disposable Vape - Sour Diesel flavor
Adios MF 7g THCa Disposable Vape - Master Kush flavor

3 New Flavors Now Available!

Our Most Popular Gummies Featuring The Highest Strength Yet!

The Return of Classic Flavors with A Fresh, Potent Blend!

The Adios MF 7g Disposable Device, featuring new strains
What is THC Live Sugar?

THC Live Sugar is a concentrate extracted from freshly frozen flowers. This concentrate retains a wealth of terpenes and cannabinoids, which is then infused into our Adios Blend. The outcome is a highly potent product with enhanced qualities.

A 7-Gram Disposable? That’s huge! But why so much?

Think of it as getting more bang for your buck. At 7 grams, the Adios MF disposable is indeed our largest disposable yet, but it’s still compact to take on the go. The way we see it, you’re getting a large supply of your chosen flavor to enjoy in a portable and sophisticated package, all for a reasonable cost!

Why does this disposable feature a screen?

We figured that a battery-indicating light on your disposable wasn’t enough to keep you informed. The smart screen gives you crucial information like battery life and how much distillate is left with an easy visual. No more having to decipher different light colors or unexpectedly having your disposable run out of juice; a quick look at the screen and you’ll know you’re ready to hit it!

What makes Adios MF gummies different from the rest?

These THCa + THCP Gummies feature a revolutionary texture that makes them resistant to melting. Let’s not forget that this blend is infused with Live Sugar, which includes a torrent of terpenes and cannabinoids for that enhanced vibe. With each gummy containing 600mg of premium Adios Blend, and each jar holding 20 gummies, each Adios MF gummy will feel like bliss.

How do these cartridges differ from any other cartridge?

We’ve conducted extensive research and worked with leading experts to craft the ideal cartridge, comprised of an optimal filling temperature and proper dosage. These improvements mean that when you take a draw from your device, the heat produced spreads evenly throughout the cart, and every puff you take of that awesome blend of THCa Live Sugar + Delta-8 THC is consistently rich and oh-so-satisfying.

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Adios MF Collection: Supercharge Your Experience!πŸ”₯

The popular Adios Blend collection has gotten a massive boost with the likes of the Adios MF Blend! These motherflippin’ gummies, disposables, and cartridges are stuffed with a new blend of Delta-9 THC + THCP + THCa Live Sugar, and Delta-8 THC. With such potency, you can say Adios to your worries!