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Are HXC And HXC-P New Cannabinoids?


Do you enjoy THC but you’re looking for something new to try? If so, you’ll want to checkout these new HXC and HXC-P Cartridges and Disposables – which include two cannabinoids that have been gaining popularity. Although they are not yet well known as HXC and HXC-P, these cannabinoids are the same as HHC and HHC-P respectively.

They are not new cannabinoids but these two cannabinoids are known to produce a powerful high that is worth checking out. So, if you’re curious about all the hype, read on to learn more about HXC and HXC-P.

HHC Name Upgrade

HHC Name Upgrade

As cannabinoids gain popularity, so does the misinformation about them. You can look at this slight change in abbreviation as an upgrade and those who don’t adapt get left behind. Another big reason why the name upgrade occurred is that HXC is the abbreviated word for Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC).

Also, HXC-P is the abbreviated word for Hexahydrocannabiphorol (HHC-P), so it just seems a bit more practical besides sounding way cooler.

What is HXC?

What is HXC?

Let’s learn about HXC first, HXC cannabinoid is a hemp-derived compound that has both relaxing and sedative qualities. It is thought to be more potent than Delta 8 THC, making it a popular choice for those looking for a quality, smooth high. HXC, however, is not as strong as Delta 9, the original THC found in marijuana, meaning that it will not produce as intense of a “high”. With that being said, HXC is about 75% as potent as THC, and Delta 8 is about 50% as potent as THC.

However, it will definitely get you into a euphoric and tranquil vibe. Also, since HXC is hemp-derived it’s a safe and legal alternative to marijuana for those who are interested in the potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis without so much of the comedown.

What Is HXC-P?

What Is HXC-P?

What sets HXC-P apart from other cannabinoids is its potency; it is 10x more potent than THC. This makes HXC-P a powerfully high-inducing compound. The great thing about HXC-P is that it is known to give you a high that lasts longer than usual, making it a premium cannabinoid. Furthermore, the effects of HXC-P are said to be uplifting, euphoric, and relaxing.

Since HXC-P is more potent than HXC but still produces much of the same high, Delta Extrax has decided to blend these two cannabinoids as a Live Resin to make the perfect entourage effect.

HXC + HXC-P Products

HXC + HXC-P Products

Now that you know what type of high you can expect from a good blend of HXC + HXC-P and Live Resin, let’s get familiar with some products that are available online now.

HXC + HXC-P Disposables

Super Glue HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2 Gram

Super Glue HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2 Gram

This Super Glue Indica will provide you with the smoothest vibes you will ever have.

SFV OG HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2 Gram

SFV OG HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2 Gram

The sweet aromatic fragrance of this Sativa SFV OG will lift you at any time of the day.

Runtz HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2-Grams

Runtz HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2 Gram

These sweet tree fruit flavors of this Hybrid Runtz will balance your whole life with just a few puffs.

Cannatonic HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2 Grams

Cannatonic HXC + HXC-P Disposable 2-Grams

The wood and pine aromas of this relaxing Cannatonic Hybrid will have you smelling Earth at a whole new level.

HXC + HXC-P Cartridges

Tropical Zkittlez HXC + HXC-P Cartridge 2 Grams

Tropical Zkittlez HXC + HXC-P Cartridge 2 Gram

With these exotic, tropical flavors, this Tropical Zkittlez Indica cart will mellow you out just right after a restless day.

Sunset Sherbet HXC + HXC-P Cartridge 2 Grams

Sunset Sherbet HXC + HXC-P Cartridge 2 Gram

Find the perfect balance just like mellow ocean waves with the delightful Sunset Sherbet Hybrid.

Space Candy HXC + HXC-P Cartridge 2 Grams

Space Candy HXC + HXC-P Cartridge 2 Gram

Taste an out-of-this-world sweet candy with this new Space Candy Hybrid that will have you looking up at the stars.


Are HXC And HXC-P New Cannabinoids?

If you’re looking for a cannabinoid-infused product that will give you an energetic and uplifting buzz, then our HXC + HXC-P, Live Resin blend is perfect for you! This balanced combination of cannabinoids will leave you feeling happy and euphoric – without putting any strain on your body.

Whether you prefer Indica, Hybrid, or Sativa with our HXC + HXC-P products you can be sure that you’ll find the right balance between mind and body relaxation. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for these carts and disposables to drop on the Delta Extrax website because they are now available. We are positive that you will find your favorite way to enjoy our euphoric HXC + HXC-P blend today!

HXC + HXC-P Carts and Disposables Coming Soon!