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A Delta 8 THC High

Experiencing A Delta 8 THC High

There seems to be a lot of confusion about what exactly Delta 8 THC does. Is it supposed to get you high? Is it like CBD? Here is what you need to know about Delta 8 and if it’s supposed to get you high.

Blackcraft Extrax Gummies Blog

Blackcraft Extrax Gummies

We’ve just released the first batch of gummies under Blackcraft Extrax. They are 4,000mg of pure bliss, fly away into the night with these bat-shaped gummies.

Blackcraft Extrax cover

The Blackcraft X Extrax Collab

We’re teaming up with the legendary lifestyle brand Blackcraft Cult to bring you a one of a kind collection of Hemp products. There’s so much going into this epic collaboration that we’ve decided to break it down, this is what your should expect.

THCM What The Hell is Even That?

THCM: What The Hell is Even That?

As we journey through the Alphabet of Hemp, you will discover THCM. The first thing on your mind might be – what the hell is even that? Well, THCM is not your common cannabinoid.

A Look Into Hydroxy THC

A Look Into Hydroxy THC

We’re diving deep into Hydroxy THC and why you might already be familiar with it but not know it. Also, get to know our new Splats Collection featuring Hydroxy THC + THCM.

How to pair wine with THC

How to Pair Wine with THC

Whether you’re out with friends or having a quiet night, THC and wine pair well together. Here are some tips on how to pair your wine with THC for the holidays.