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Beat the Heat with Delta Extrax: A Sneak Peak Into Summer 2024 Releases

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Summertime is in full swing and we’re feeling the burn at Extrax HQ! While everyone else might be dreaming of pool days and vacations and sandy beaches, we’re scheming and plotting exciting things of our own. We think you all deserve the best summer ever, which is why we’re rolling out some exciting launches to keep your summer vibes top notch! We aren’t going to spill all the tea in this blog, but keep reading and I promise to give you some juicy spoilers. 

Sneak Peak #1: Adios MF and Diamond Heights

Over the Winter we debuted two new collections: Diamond Heights and Adios MF. Focusing on THCA Flower, delicious terpenes, and an all around premium experience, Diamond Heights rose to the top as our premier, luxury collection. To say that our THCA Flower is some of the absolute best, or most potent on the market isn’t even bragging – it’s just straight facts. 

Adios MF, on the other hand, became a best selling favorite, taking THCA and THCP to a whole new level. Our 12000mg THCA Adios MF Gummies are some of the top selling items, and everyone loves the temperature controlled, innovative 7 Gram THCA + THCP Vapes. So it’s pretty safe to say that we might be dropping some new flavors in these collections. Can you guess which product lines we’re expanding and what flavors we’re introducing?

Sneak Peak #2: More Than Just THC


We also have some things up our sleeves that might not be cannabis related at all. We are such enthusiastic THC lovers, but we all need some variety too, ya know? So don’t worry – while other brands rushed to market with subpar  (and frankly rather odd) alt products, we took our time to do it right. 

Instead, we’re collaborating with some incredible new brands to create some incredible new non-thc products.  Holistic wellness is a top priority at Extrax HQ and we believe everyone should be empowered to elevate their daily lives. And you all deserve the best products that actually deliver what they promise. 

Sneak Peak #3: Improved And Better Than Ever

THCP Gummies: The Ultimate Edible Experience

And speaking of the best products, we’re not just introducing brand new products, but also IMPROVED collections. We already unveiled our first summer drop: Essentials Powered by Goliath, which took your favorite things about Goliath and made it so much better. We introduced exciting, but classic strains, improved the formula to feature THCP, and reworked the Starter Kit into an easy to use, more affordable plug and play device

But that’s not the only collection rework up our sleeves. Gummy lovers, get ready to rejoice, because we have a full Lights Out THCH + THCJD restock landing SO SOON, along with a Delta-9 Gummy restock! We know most people are probably dancing with joy for Lights Out Gummies, but don’t sleep on Delta-9 gummies! These feature a mellow potency blend of Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC for a functional experience. 

More Secrets To Be Revealed!

There are a few more exciting secrets I could leak….but my boss might legit ban me from ever writing a  blog again, so this is all the tea you get (for now). Keep an eye on our New Arrivals page for weekly updates and more hints! 

In the meantime, shop our favorite THCA Gummies, THCA Flower, and THCP Vapes! And don’t forget to follow along on our socials for behind-the-scenes sneak peeks!

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