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Building A Tolerance to Delta-8


The more Delta-8 THC you take, the higher your tolerance becomes. However, this is something you shouldn’t worry about. It’s pretty normal to find yourself needing a little more Delta-8 to get you high after a while. Here are some tips on how to build up your tolerance and how to break it down.

Building A Tolerance

If you continue using Delta-8 THC periodically you’ll eventually build a tolerance. However, If you’re trying to build up your tolerance because it feels like it’s too strong there are a couple of things to consider.


This process refers to using small amounts of Delta-8 in order to increase your tolerance. Also, this works for people who are trying to break down their tolerance. The way it works is by taking a small dosage of Delta-8 throughout the day. You’ll slowly introduce Delta-8 into your system so that you can get used to its effects. You might be tempted to take more because of its euphoric effects; you’re able to increase the amount but if you’re sensitive to THC then you might want to stick to microdosing for now.


You’ll want to avoid doing physical activity if you’re using Delta-8 THC Tinctures or edibles. This is anything you ingest typically takes time for your body to metabolize it. If you take Delta-8 and then begin to exercise or do physical activity it might hit you faster than you were expecting. Your body may release more Delta 8 into your system at one time. Again, if you’re sensitive to THC you’ll want to find the time to relax and enjoy the product. This is to avoid any negative side effects from not having a strong enough tolerance.


Another thing to consider is the type of product you’re taking. For example, The Focus Tincture is a lot stronger per dose when compared to an Insane Punch Disposable. This is because the tinctures tend to be more concentrated when compared to a disposable. Although they both can produce a similar high, when and how you feel its effects are a lot different. When you’re trying to build a tolerance we suggest taking less than the recommended dosage. This will allow you to gradually build it up.

Delta-8 Tolerance Break

There comes a time when you finally decide to take a break from THC. However, it sounds a lot easier than it really is. You’re not only dealing with the physical effects of no longer getting high but also the mental aspects of the dependency you might have on it. Whatever your reasoning for wanting to take a tolerance break, here are some tips.



If you’ve noticed that your tolerance to THC has been increasing, you’ll want to take at least two weeks off. The way you know that you need a break is if it’s taking you more to get high. Also, if it’s becoming an issue where all you want to do is get high. It might not harm you physically but being dependent on any substance, legal or illegal is not good. This typically applies to the average user who consumes THC on a regular basis.


If you’ve been using THC for many years and you’re deciding to take a tolerance break, then we recommend one month. This will give your body plenty of time to adjust and rest. It may seem like a lot but you’re breaking yourself from the habit and one month is a good amount of time. If you feel any withdrawal symptoms then recommend microdosing Delta-8 to help you out. It might not provide the high that you’re looking for but it can satisfy you enough.


Another approach to help reduce your tolerance is to take more CBD products. Although CBD can’t get you high, it can be a great replacement for THC if you’re using it for a specific reason. Many people turn to THC for its therapeutic properties so CBD might be a great replacement. However, THC does have some certain benefits than CBD and vice versa.


Once you’ve reset your tolerance you will want to keep your tolerance levels low so that you can enjoy the THC. This is the reason that a lot of people are turning to Delta-8 THC. It’s a lot less intense than Marijuana and has a different type of THC that can still get you high. It’s often said that if Marijuana takes you 2 hits to get you high then Delta 8 will take you 3 hits. Another tip is limiting how much THC you take and taking a lower dosage. This will not only help you feel the effects a lot better but can save you money too.


You’re either trying to build up a tolerance or build it down. So, there are a couple of solutions to help you achieve both goals which include microdosing and trying products that are not as concentrated. Resetting your system is great because you’re able to start over and keep your tolerance low. Although it may seem tempting and even glamorous to take high amounts of THC, it’s not something that is going to benefit you in the long run.

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