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Delta Extrax Blogs

Learn about all the cannabinoids from Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 to THCh, and THCjd. Our blogs also talk about the legalities of Hemp-Derived THC products.

Is There Such a Thing as Delta-8 CBD?

Is There Such a Thing as Delta-8 CBD?

Few people originally knew about the history of Delta-8 THC, with the lack of information about D8 generating many questions. In this article, we want to clear up many of these questions, including the most common one: “Is there such a thing as Delta-8 CBD?”

How Long Does Delta 8 THC Last?

Though we would enjoy giving you a definitive answer on how long the Delta 8 THC effects last, this can differ greatly depending on the person and body type

How to Make Delta-8 THC

How To Make Delta-8 THC

With Delta-8 taking flight into a whole new era, the special chemical compounds that exist within the plant are carving out niche markets of their own