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Live Resin Blogs

This collection of Live Resin blogs focuses on everything that you need to know about Hemp-derived Live Resin THC. Also, you can expect some expertise insights about how it’s made, what to look for, and the type of high Live Resin produces.

Hemp-Derived THC: What is Liquid Badder?

Hemp-Derived THC: What is Liquid Badder?

A new buzzword that’s entered the world of Hemp is called Liquid Badder. You’ve probably not heard of it, but Liquid Badder is like that fresh track that just dropped, and everyone’s jamming to. It’s fresh, it’s innovative, and it’s about to elevate your THC experience. We’re most famous for breaking down trending cannabinoids, and Liquid Badder is no exception.

A breakdown in how Live Resin is crafted

A Breakdown of Live Resin

What Is Live Resin? Here is a helpful guide to help you understand what is live resin, live resin terpenes, and the onset effects of live resin products.