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CBD Retailers Thrive With Delta-8 THC


Just beyond the 2018 Farm Bill, motivated entrepreneurs leaped onto the market of hemp in hopes to create their own place. Initially, there wasn’t much of a fight for small businesses in the marketplace. But once everyone realized CBD could be a ticket to success, the market was engulfed and it quickly became saturated. Incentives were flying around all over and the competition had begun thickening, leaving many businesses struggling to succeed. 

Discovering Delta-8 THC

Just as it seemed all hope was lost, a new and vibrant addition was added to the market, and it was spunkier, more thrilling, and would surely attract an even larger audience. Delta-8 THC quickly rose to the occasion and became the saving grace for many small businesses that were selling only CBD products. This is the same case for one of our partner retailers, which used Delta-8 THC by Delta Extrax to allow them to continue thriving in a very competitive market.

Delta Vape Labs

Delta Vape Labs

One online Delta-8 retailer that carries our products is Delta Vape Labs. What’s great about having other online retailers carry the same products as us is flexibility. At the end of the day, you the customer are what matters the most!

For you to have options is very important because we not only sell our products but we manufacture them as well. What this means is that our products might be sold out or no longer available, but online retailers like Delta Vape Labs may have them in stock.

Online Retail

This happened recently with our Delta 8 THC Edibles. They were in such high demand that we couldn’t keep them in stock. Had you known of other sites carrying our products you might have had the chance to try them.

Think of it as the Nike store: while they carry their shoes on their own website, online retailers sell them as well. What this does is help the brand get into different markets while that online retailer that sells the same sneakers benefits from the brand exposure.

Local Shop Testimonial

Pryme CBD Testimonials

“When we initially launched our store, we were thrilled to offer CBD products, and since we were one of the firsts in our area, our success came early. That huge success we once experienced was short-lived as more local businesses became aware of the incredible benefits CBD offers consumers and the high dollar amount that it generates.

The CBD industry has grown far beyond what we imagined it would, and as the shops started pouring in, it became very competitive. Just when we felt all hope was lost, we discovered Delta Extrax.

By bringing the Delta Extrax Delta-8 THC products into our store, we were once again thriving, reaching larger audiences, and attracting some of our past customers to shop with us.

By expanding our inventory, we were able to retain existing customers, attract new customers, and become a ‘prime’ location in our area for the best quality Delta-8 products. To this day, we are still faced with the same competition; however, it was our decision to use Delta Extrax as our Delta-8 supplier that allowed us to continue thriving in our small business.” – Blake BrownPRYME CBD

Other Testimonials

Throughout our time, we’ve come across many stories just like this from our retail partners. We know that small businesses are the backbone of this country, which is why we’re thrilled to be in a position where we can create and develop high-quality products.

This allows our retail partners to keep their doors open, keep customers satisfied, and ultimately allow our partners to thrive, even in a highly competitive market.

Final Thought

Delta Extrax products are created differently than the rest. We ensure a high level of quality, we develop the most innovative products, and it is our customers and retail partners that keep us motivated to do more.

Whether you are a consumer looking for Delta-8 or Delta-10 THC products or you’re an interested retailer, we’re positioned to rise to the occasion and help you thrive as well. We also offer wholesale opportunities to businesses and we have an affiliate program for individuals wanting to make some extra cash. 

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