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CBG Delta-8 THC Flower Explained

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You may have started to notice a trend at Delta Extrax; we’ve been taking exotic-lesser known cannabinoids and enriching them with our premium Delta-8 THC. This Hemp flower is infused with both Delta 8 and CBG, which creates a unique high.

Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

A product that is Hemp-derived means that it comes from the Hemp plant instead of the Marijuana plant. We see this in Hemp-derived Terpenes used to enhance the flavors and experience of products like CBD and Delta-8 THC; the alternative would be Cannabis-Derived Terpenes (CDT). However, the two major Hemp-derived cannabinoids found in our hemp products are Cannabigerol (CBG) and Delta-8 THC.


Unlike CBD, CBG grows in small quantities in the Hemp plant. This means that it takes a lot of Hemp to produce CBG. The level of CBG that is typically present in Hemp is about 1%. The biggest difference between CBD and CBG is that young Hemp plants tend to produce more CBG; while CBD is usually extracted from the Hemp plant when it’s fully mature.

The biggest benefit of CBG is that it’s non-psychoactive so it doesn’t get you high. Although the experience is very similar to CBD, both of these cannabinoids tend to produce slightly different results. While CBD is associated with relaxation, CBG is more associated with energy. The experience of CBG is more closely associated with a Sativa-like feeling because it tends to produce more of a focused experience.

Hemp Flower

Hemp flower is most commonly known as CBD flower, and it tends to produce low amounts of THC. However, it does produce high amounts of CBD. The way most Delta-8 flowers are produced is the manufacturer would spray down the Hemp flower with a Delta-8 distillate. Although this method is effective, what we do is infuse the Hemp flower with Delta-8 so that it’s not sprayed on.

This means that you get more use out of Delta-8 THC along with the added CBG and Terpenes. A person would enjoy smoking Hemp-infused Delta-8 flower if they’re used to smoking Marijuana. Although this is not Marijuana, the experience is very similar as it tastes and smells the same. The biggest difference is the feeling the user will experience. Any type of Hemp-infused Delta-8 flower that you smoke won’t be as strong as Marijuana.


You can expect to taste a more Earthy, pungent, and woody flavor from this flower. The flavor profile tends to change a bit as you continue to smoke it. Once you begin to really get into your smoke session, you’ll start to get an after-taste of matured oak along with a smoky aroma. Expect a rich Hemp flavor experience with this flower.


Although White Rhino pre-rolls come from White Widow and North American Indica, it actually gets its name from its appearance. When it’s growing it has a pointy leafy bud formation which makes it resemble a rhinoceros horn. The actual buds look like they have a lightly glazed sugar coating, so it’s not bright green, but it’s still a beautiful bud nonetheless.


When you smoke White Rhino pre-rolls you can expect to feel the soothing elements from the Delta-8 THC. However, the presence of both CBD and CBG in the Hemp plant provides a more mellow feeling. It’s a true Hybrid experience because the CBG provides the Sativa-like focus while the Delta-8 THC provides the attributes of a mellow Indica high.


You’re able to use White Rhino pre-rolls like you would any Cannabis flower or tobacco. This means that you can smoke it, or make edibles out of it like brownies, cookies, etc.


We suggest smoking small amounts first in order to establish a tolerance. This means that if you roll it into a joint or purchase a preroll, take a couple of puffs first and wait a couple of minutes. If you feel you need more than smoke some more, you’ll want to test the waters first before you enter into a full smoke session.

You’re able to smoke Hemp infused Delta-8 THC flower in a bong or other devices that allow you to smoke it out of. Most users find prerolls convenient because it comes ready to smoke. However, if you prefer rolling up yourself or using a smoking device then you have the option of purchasing an eighth or a quarter.


Another cool way to experience raw flowers is by making it into edibles. There are several methods that you can use, but a popular way is to infuse it into butter or oil. You can then infuse the butter/oil into baked goods to experience Delta-8 in a whole new way.

The most important thing to remember when you’re making edibles or infusing it into oil is to cook it at a low temperature. This is to avoid burning the cannabinoids in the flower. Otherwise, you won’t get any of the Delta-8 THC or CBG if you cook it at a high temperature; you’ll only get the flavor of it.


CBG Delta 8 THC Flower Explained

If you’ve ever used Marijuana or any Hemp-derived cannabinoids, you’ve already experienced CBG, just in low quantities. What we do is bring these lesser-known cannabinoids to the surface and make products like White Rhino pre-rolls. This results in a familiar experience, with a slight twist. You’ll love the well-balanced high from White Rhino, but be sure to establish a tolerance first before you go all in.

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