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Choosing the Perfect Disposable: A Step by Step Guide

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The many different Extrax Disposables

Disposable Enthusiasts, gather ‘round! Today, let’s navigate the world of disposable vapes and uncover the key factors essential for making the perfect choice. With a range of brands and styles flooding the market, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck is crucial.

Factors to Consider


What’s your go-to cannabinoid? If you’re chasing the best cannabinoid in the game, you’re probably obsessed with THCa – just like Delta Extrax. This cannabinoid is featured in quite a few blends, but what it’s paired with matters too. For a really heady experience, we recommend a blend that combines THCa with THCP or Delta-9p. These will have you blasting off to new worlds! That’s not everyone’s vibe though, and some people want a more mellow experience. Enter in our Delta THC forward blends, like Delta-6 + THCB or Delta-8 Live Resin. These won’t take you to the moon, but rather give you a blissed-out feeling.

Looking to go to the moon? Our latest and greatest blend, Adios MF, more than delivers on THCa and THCP. Infused with Live Sugar, this blend delivers an incredible experience. It’s our favorite blend right now, for good reason!

Not sure which cannabinoid suits you? Go on a deep dive here: Learn About Cannabinoids


Do you like a variety of 2-3 Gram devices, or do you prefer to stock up with 4+ grams? This is totally dependent on user preference! Some people love to keep a few smaller gram disposables on hand in various flavors while others prefer a couple larger capacity devices in specific flavors.


Adios MF 7g Disposable Device

Choose your style – classic pen or modern box? Delta Extrax caters to both tastes, but our 7-Gram Preheat Disposable is truly something EXTRA special. This stylized device isn’t just a statement; it’s a masterpiece that stands out when you want it to and discreetly fits in the palm of your hand when you don’t. Plus, unlike most disposables, it features a smart screen for constant updates on your battery level and product amount.


Fruity, herby, or classically inclined? There’s so many flavors to choose from! We’re currently swooning over OG terpenes like Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Green Crack, and Watermelon Kush. Other favorites include Alaskan Thunderfck, Power Plant, and Sour Joker which have subtle, earthy terpenes that are perfect during cool months. Dreaming of summer vacations already? Then Ekto Kooler and Maui Wowie are for you!


Worried about the dent in your wallet? Fear not, as Delta Extrax keeps it cost-effective with typical prices ranging from $8-12 per gram. Our new 7 Gram is one of the best deals on cost per gram, ensuring you’re getting the best price. Quality doesn’t have to break the bank, and at Delta Extrax, we make sure of that.

Convinced you NEED a new disposable? Shop our favorites! 

Want to learn more about our Adios MF Blend and iconic new device?

Keep scrolling to take a deeper dive into each amazing feature!

Adios MF 7g Disposable perks

Live Sugar Infusion

We’ve taken our renowned Adios Blend to the next level by infusing it with Live Sugar. This infusion brings a depth of flavor and an intensity of effects that will leave you craving more.

🚀 Generous 7 Grams

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our largest disposable yet – a whopping 7 grams of pure bliss. Adios MF ensures you have an ample supply for extended enjoyment. Because when it comes to satisfaction, size does matter.

🖥 Smart Screen Technology

Stay in control with the integrated smart screen that keeps you informed about your battery life and distillate level. Never miss a moment of euphoria with this intelligent feature.

🚶Perfectly Portable

Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, Adios MF offers the ideal balance of comfort and style. Take it with you wherever you go and indulge in a premium experience on the move.

🔥 Preheat Function

Enjoy instant satisfaction with the preheat function, ensuring that every hit is as smooth and flavorful as the last. Adios MF is all about delivering the perfect hit, every time.

⚡️ Dual Ceramic Coils

Elevate your vaping experience with dual ceramic coils that enhance flavor and vapor production. Immerse yourself in the rich, full-bodied taste of classic strains complemented by a hint of fruity terps.

Shop Adios MF THCa Live Sugar 7g Disposable:

Adios MF seamlessly blends the timeless appeal of classic strains with the latest hemp innovations. It’s a disposable that caters to those who appreciate the best of both worlds – the classic and the cutting-edge.

Learn More About Our Adios Blend!

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