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Delta 8 Deals

🔥 We’re the plug for dope deals on Delta 8 🔥
LIMITED-TIME DEALS on some of your favorite products!

Delta Extrax Deal
Delta Extrax Deal

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Flash Deals

Delta Extrax Liquid Badder THCp+ 3.5g Disposable - Stardust OG

THCP+ 3.5G Liquid Badder Disposables Are Only $25.99!

Blackcraft Extrax HXY-10 + THCp 4000mg - Haunted Berry

THCP 4000mg Blackcraft Extrax Gummies are only $25.99!

Clearance Deals

Lights Out 1250g Gummies Blister Pack - Sour Apple

Lights Out Blister Pack Gummies – Sour Apple

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa 3.5g Flower - Lilac Diesel

THCA Infused Hemp Flower – Lilac Diesel

THCa + Delta-9 THC 3.5G Disposables Duos | Ghost Extrax - Apple Sundae + Lemon Pie (Sativa)

Ghost Extrax Disposables – Dessert Duos

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa 3.5g Flower - Zaberry

THCA Infused Hemp Flower – Zaberry

Specialty Deals

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Delta Extrax Exclusive Discount Codes

HXY11-THC 3G Disposable | HXY Collection

Save Up to 60% on Products in the Clearance Section! 🔥

Featuring last-chance items, these will sell quickly! Clearance Items won’t be restocked, so stock up on your favorites today!

Berry Gelato |Delta-8 THC 2G Cartridge | Live Resin Series

Fire OG | HXY11-THC 3G Disposable | HXY Collection

Purple Urkle | Oleo Resin 2G Cartridge | Zombi Extrax

Limited Edition 666 Box Bundle for only $129.66! 🤯

We’re collaborating with the lifestyle and clothing brand Blackcraft Cult to bring you cannabinoid blends that are so good, they’re scary!

Exclusive to Delta Extrax, for a limited time only, get all three disposable flavors AND all three gummy flavors in ONE bundle! Hurry though – only 666 were made and most have sold out.

666 Bundle | Blackcraft Extrax