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Delta-8 THC and Coffee

Delta 8 THC and Coffee

If you’re a person who loves their morning coffee, you might have thought about throwing some Delta-8 THC in the mix. However, you might be curious about what would happen if you did. You’d be surprised at the entourage effect it produces, and how it can enhance the flavors. In addition, picking the right type of coffee is important.

The Entourage Effect

Learn About Lab Tests

If you’re unfamiliar with the term entourage effect it’s a way to describe how cannabinoids react with other compounds. In this case, how Delta-8 THC (Cannabinoid) would react with the caffeine that is in coffee. This term is very broad and can refer to different types of cannabinoids including Delta-9 THC, CBD, CBG, etc.

The Amounts of Caffeine

In a study published by the National Library of Medicine, squirrel monkeys were given a type of THC. They were also given MSX-3 which produces effects similar to caffeine. They concluded that when the squirrel monkeys received low amounts of MSX-3 they wanted less THC. But, when they were given high amounts of MSX-3, they wanted higher amounts of THC.

They noticed that when they consumed low amounts of caffeine it enhanced their high. This made the test subjects crave less THC; the opposite was true when given high amounts of caffeine. It left the test subjects wanting more THC when given high amounts of caffeine. Although this test was conducted on animals, it shows us how we can react when both substances are in our system.

Understanding Delta-8 THC


Although Delta-8 THC is not Marijuana (it’s Hemp), it acts very much like it. This is because the same cannabinoids that exist in Marijuana are also present in Hemp. The biggest difference is that Hemp produces low amounts of THC and high amounts of CBD. Marijuana on the other hand produces low amounts of CBD and high amounts of THC. The type of THC that we extract from the Hemp plant is Delta-8 THC which is less potent.

Although the test on the squirrel monkeys was conducted using Delta-9 THC (Marijuana) it still is THC. Therefore, mixing Delta-8 THC and coffee would produce similar effects although less potent. If you’re not used to THC then we recommend starting with low dosages first. The reason is that if your body doesn’t have a high tolerance it can produce some unwanted side effects. If you have experience with THC you may need to increase your dosage to receive a similar effect to what you’re used to.

Enhanced Flavor

If you love flavored coffee you will want to make sure you pick a product that is going to enhance the flavor. This one comes down to preference because some products tend to take effect a little longer than others. If you love to vape we have several products that we carry which include cartridges, pods, and disposables. Pairing the right coffee creamer with the right flavor of Delta 8 THC is the key. A recommendation that we have is pairing a berry coffee creamer flavor with our Razzberry Kush Cartridge. You’ll want to start off with a couple of hits in between sips and wait 30 minutes to see if you need more.

Another product that we feel doesn’t get much attention in the Delta-8 world is the Tinctures. These are perfect to infuse coffee creamers with and blend easily into the coffee. Pairing the right flavor might be a little more tricky because our Delta 8 THC Tinctures are potent in both flavor and strength. We recommend using our Focus Delta 8 THC Tincture and infusing it with a peppermint mocha coffee creamer. This will enhance the mint flavor and a little goes a long way.

The Type of Coffee To Use


You have the option of using either filtered coffee or instant. This comes down to what you’re used to and the quality of the coffee that you prefer. One important thing to note if you’re using Delta-8 THC Tinctures is to avoid adding it if it’s too hot. This can cause the Delta-8 to lose some potency; a rule to follow is if it’s too hot to drink it’s too hot to add to your coffee. It can be beneficial to add it to your coffee creamer to cool down your coffee in the process.

Although you’re able to vape and sip coffee, adding Delta-8 directly into your coffee is probably the best option. The downfall is you might feel the effects of the caffeine first then the effects of the Delta-8 THC. Also, you’re able to monitor the amount of Delta-8 you’re consuming when you use a Tincture. Typically a lighter roast has more caffeine versus a darker roast. We recommend sticking to a coffee that you’re used to if you decide to blend the two.

Iced Coffee

Alternatively, you can add Delta-8 THC to iced coffee. The way you do that is by adding the Delta-8 to your creamer (if you’re using creamer). However, the amount of THC you will want to add is completely up to you. This depends on your tolerance, as some people can tolerate more THC than others. So, adding a couple of drops to your iced coffee has the potential to enhance your experience.

The temperature of the coffee does not alter the effects of the THC, with the exception if your coffee is scalding hot. The rule is if your coffee is too hot to drink then it’s too hot to add some Delta-8. This is why we recommend adding a couple of drops of Delta-8 into the creamer vs. the coffee directly. If you’re drinking iced coffee it really shouldn’t make a difference, since the temperature will not affect your experience. What this comes down to is how you enjoy drinking your coffee – hot, iced, or at room temperature.

Try Delta-8 THC + Coffee

You will never know what type of experience you’ll get if you don’t try it for yourself. We recommend starting with a little bit of coffee and a little bit of Delta-8. If you’re sensitive to caffeine you probably won’t have a good time mixing them both.

If you feel the effects are too strong for you then we recommend either eating something or taking some CBD. There is no denying the entourage effect will be different, and the Delta-8 can enhance both your experience and flavor.

Whatever coffee you use just remember – if you’re using a Delta-8 Tincture, don’t add it to hot-scalding coffee.

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