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Delta-8 THC Reviews

What Does a Delta-8 THC High Feel Like?

When you’re shopping online, reviews are very important! An informed buyer looks for reviews, feedback, and popularity. Therefore, when you’re shopping for Delta-8 THC you will want to look for reviews. We have a collection of online Delta-8 THC Reviews that you will want to consider before trying one of our products.

Delta-8 THC Reviews

There are many CBD companies that are starting to produce Delta-8 THC products. However, this is uncharted territory and you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality. Here are some Delta-8 THC reviews that you will want to consider before your next purchase.


Here are some reviews on YouTube for our Delta Extrax products:


In this video, the folks at the CBD Hemp Library try our Delta-8 THC Cartridges. The Cali Orange Kush made 2 out of 3 reviews cough. This is not a normal reaction but it appears they might have hit it too hard. They said it tasted like “specifically a California orange” and they loved the Terpene profile. One important thing to note is that they rated the flavor a 9.25 out of 10. They go on to say that out of all the Delta-8 THC products, our Cali Orange Kush is the best-tasting one that they’ve had.


This vlog offers both – what is Delta-8 THC and a review of our Strawberry Cough and Grand Daddy Purp. Although, this was a more informative video; they found out why it’s called “Strawberry Cough”. If you’re new to Delta 8 THC and want to learn more, this video is the perfect starter. The High Couple concluded the video by recommending our carts and stated “a cart for every occasion”. This is because our Delta-8 THC Cartridges come in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains.


We have Trav’s Dabs review all of our Delta-8 Tinctures. What we really enjoy about this video is that Trav goes on to describe the flavors. He really does a great job describing the flavor profile for each tincture. One important thing that he noted is that because of high tolerance he was able to take in a full tincture dropper (100 ml). A normal dosage is half a dropper (50 ml); but because of his high tolerance, he was able to enjoy more than the average person. Although he stated “it didn’t send me to the moon” this doesn’t mean he didn’t feel its effects.


Aside from YouTube reviews, you’re able to find an array of online Delta-8 THC reviews on our website. There is a link under our – Learn About Delta 8 tab and click on Our Reviews. You will see what our customers are saying about our Delta 8 THC products. Here is what some of our customers had to say about our products:

Also, we have reviews on Google that are great to see what other people are saying. It is non-bias so you’ll find both positive and negative reviews. We feel it is important as a company for us to be transparent. We might not be able to satisfy everyone – especially during the pandemic. However, we try our best to help everyone that we can and correct any mistakes that happen. At the end of the day, we are human and human error does happen.


We encourage you to leave us a review regardless of what type of experience you have with our products. You are able to look at YouTube Delta 8-THC Reviews to see what other people are saying; not only about our company but about Delta-8 THC in general. Or, you can view our reviews on our website or by doing a general Google search. We encourage you to do your research first in order to make an informed decision.

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