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Delta 8 THC Strains: Is Sativa Stronger Than Indica?

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Delta 8 THC Strains: Is Sativa Stronger Than Indica?

You’ve likely heard that Indica is for those Netflix and chill nights, while Sativa is for when you’re feeling artsy. However, we’re here to tell you it’s not cut and dry. We explore the age-old question – Is sativa stronger than Indica?

Deta 8 Strain Origins

Your own body’s chemistry is a game-changer. We all have friends or know someone who has friends who can hit an Indica strain and clean their whole house, while others hit a Sativa strain and are ready for a nap. You want to avoid boxing yourself in with just one strain because Indica and Sativa are connected more than you think.

Indica Origins

Delta 8 Indica Leaf

Indica’s name is a nod to its roots in the Indian subcontinent, where it had to tough it out in harsh climates like the Himalayas. Think of it as the mountain climber of the hemp world, sturdy and resilient. 

Sativa Origins

Delta 8 Sativa Leaf

On the flip side, Sativa gets its name from the Latin word ‘sativum,’ which is all about being cultivated. These plants are like the beach bums of the family—thriving in sunny, tropical spots like Thailand and southern Mexico. They’re all about that sun-kissed life.

Climate Vibes: Where They Grow Matters

Sativa strains are the sun worshippers in the world of Hemp. Think Southern Cali vibes, Mexican sunsets, and African heat waves. These plants soak up the sun and give us those tropical, citrusy flavors we can’t get enough of.

Flip the script, and you’ve got Indicas—our cold-weather warriors. These plants are like the seasoned snowboarders of the hemp family, totally at home in the chill. They come from the rugged terrains of Afghanistan and the frosty peaks of Northern India. And it shows in their flavor—earthy, piney, and as comforting as a warm blanket on a cold night. 

The climate they grow in doesn’t just affect their height and shape; it also plays a big role in the terpenes they produce. Terpenes give each strain its unique aroma and flavor so that you can thank Mother Nature for that dankness.

Edibles and Vape Product Strains

We often get asked what strains our edibles are or how we determine what strains our vape products are. Here is a brief overview of how we determine the strains of certain products.

Edibles Strains

Edibles are a different ball game altogether when it comes to strains. They’re usually made from a distillate, a blend of various strains. You can’t pinpoint if it will give you a Sativa or Indica vibe. It’s all mixed in there, so the experience can be unpredictable. 

Think of it as a blended cocktail of flavors because it’s hard to distinguish the individual notes once it’s all blended. So, if you’re diving into edibles, it’s a mystery box regarding what to expect.

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Vape Strains

Vape concentrates are often a mix of different strains, just like edibles. So, if you’re wondering why your disposable is making you feel a certain way, it’s all about the terpenes. The added terpenes are usually the determining factor if a Disposable or Cartridge is Indica or Sativa.

The benefit of having a concentrate is that you’re only getting that isolated distillate. In other words, whenever you smoke any type of flower you’re getting all the compounds from the plant. This includes traces of CBD, CBG, etc., which tends to balance out the experience.

However, when it comes to THC that you vape, you’re not getting any of that. You’re getting a THC concentrate in the form of a distillate. What this means is that it’s potent but lacks flavor. Therefore, the flavors are reintroduced to this concentrated THC distillate according to the vibes, and flavors that the strain is associated with.

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Indica and Sativa Terpenes

Let’s get technical for a second. Terpenes are these aromatic compounds in plants that give them their unique smells. Do you know how oranges smell citrusy, and lavender has that calming aroma? That’s terpenes at work. 

In the hemp world, they’re a big deal. Take limonene, for instance. You’ll usually find it in Sativa strains with this uplifting vibe. Then there’s myrcene, more of an Indica thing known for its chill, relaxing feel. So, next time you choose a strain, watch the terpenes. They’re the unsung heroes of your experience.

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Choosing between Sativa and Indica isn’t just about the label on the jar. It’s a personal experience influenced by a bunch of factors—your tolerance, your Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and even your current mood. So, don’t stress too much about the categories. Just find what vibes with you and roll with it.

Is Sativa really stronger than Indica? The answer is not that simple. Think of it like: Is a rollercoaster better than a Ferris wheel? They both offer different kinds of fun but it’s all about what you’re in the mood for.

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