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Delta 8

Delta 8

A Guide To Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 is legal THC. Learn more about Delta 8, its effects, benefits, and how it relates to THC.

What is Delta 8

You are not alone if you have ever wondered what Delta 8 is. The existence of this hemp-derived cannabinoid makes it possible for states in which where Delta 9 THC (the original THC) is not legal to get high legally. In other words, it’s legal THC. If you are wondering if Delta 8 gets you high, the answer is, a resounding yes, legally.

It is legal because it is derived from the hemp plant and is not considered a schedule one drug. Furthermore, Delta 8 rose in popularity in 2018 when The Farm Bill was signed into law giving federal rights to grow hemp for research purposes. From there, many cannabinoids including Delta 8 became available to the majority of Americans.

Delta 8 Is All Natural

Our Delta-8 THC products are derived from the hemp plant and CBD, which is a cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. The National Cancer Institute defines Delta 8 THC as “an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol with… appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties”.

Delta 8

How Is Delta 8 Made

Delta 8 THC is an analog of Delta 9 THC. Most Delta 8 is made as a distillate that can be used as an oil for vapes. The most popular one of these distillates is Live Resin, which is a process where the hemp plant is flash-frozen immediately after harvest to preserve its natural flavors, aromas, and cannabinoids. The plant material is then extracted using CO2 or ethanol. The final product is a delta 8 Live Resin that contains up to 99% Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 is a potent cannabinoid that can provide users with a powerful high, yet milder than Delta 9. However, it is important to start with a low dose to avoid any unwanted side effects.

Delta 8 FAQ

What Are The Benefits Of Delta 8

Learn why Delta 8 is often preferred over Delta 9 THC.

  • Delta 8 is legal THC so its more readily available to many
  • Delta 8 is said by many to induce a “clear-headed high”
  • Delta 8 will induce a better high than delta 9 THC with fewer side effects
  • Delta 8 induces a less potent high then Delta 9 so its better for recreational use
  • Delta 8 will induce less paranoia and anxiety than Delta 9 THC

Furthermore, Delta 8 products will provide the perfect mellow high when consumed accordingly.

Lab Tested Extracts

We strive to ensure the quality and purity of every batch by submitting our extracts for third-party lab testing. For more information on our lab testing, feel free to reach out or visit our Lab Tests page.

Delta 8 effects


Have you ever asked yourself “how long do the effects of delta 8 last”, if so read on. Thankfully the effects of Delta 8 are better than those of Delta 9 (the original THC), in the opinion of many. The best thing about Delta 8 is that it will provide you with all of the effects of THC without the harsh comedown, aka weed hangover. The most evident effects of Delta 8 are feeling overly relaxed and calm. Check out our list of Delta 8 effects:

  • Very calm state of mind with low head cloudiness
  • Increased appetite
  • Increased energy levels and focus
  • The most relaxed you can be
  • Mellow as can be
Delta 8 Products

Delta 8 Products

As mentioned, Delta 8 products are more readily available to the public since they can be delivered to your home, depending on the state you reside in. Check out this list of different Delta 8 products and strains.