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Delta 9 THC VNGNZ Shots

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Delta-9 THC VNGNZ Shots

The new VNGNZ Shot was released on Thursday, September 21, 2023. What made this release different from the others was that we collaborated with Smoke Blackcraft + Zacky Vengeance from Avenged Sevenfold. We’ll break down the specs on the new D9 Shot and how you can win a signed guitar by Zacky V.

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC is the most active Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in the Cannabis L. Sativa plant. In other words, it’s the chemical responsible in the plant for giving you a head change. However, what makes this chemical so special is its classification.

A product classified as “Hemp” and not “Cannabis” will depend on how much is in it. This is important because we’re allowed to sell Hemp over the Internet but not Cannabis because of existing laws.

Hemp-Derived THC

According to the 2019 Farm Bill, Hemp is made from a plant with low amounts of THC – 0.3%. Once THC is extracted from the Hemp plant, we can only add no more than 0.3% THC to a product.

What we did with the VNGNZ Shot was add just enough THC (75mg) to feel a buzz but kept it under 0.3% of the product’s total weight. Remember, for a person not used to THC, you only need about 5 mg to feel a buzz and 25 mg if you’re an experienced THC user.

Edibles Hit Hard

You might be used to smoking your THC, but remember that edibles tend to hit harder. That’s because when you smoke THC, you only absorb between 15 – 30% of the THC through your lungs.

However, when you ingest THC, your liver can retain between 50 – 60% of the THC. This means more THC is entering your system when compared to smoking it. In addition, the head change can hit you 1 – 2 hours after ingesting THC, but when you smoke or vape it, you tend to experience this between 15 – 30 minutes after the initial hit.

VNGNZ Shot Flavors

We released two delicious VNGNZ Shot flavors: Electric Razzberry and Unholy Watermelon. These flavors are unique and crafted with care and mouthwatering flavors.

Electric Razzberry

Electric Razzberry Delta-9 THC Shot

The Electric Razzberry is a refreshing twist of raspberry flavors bursting with sweet fruit. You can expect mixed berry flavors that are both sweet and tart. Also, the experience is well-balanced in both taste and THC. Although this product is very potent, each sip takes you deeper and deeper into a pleasurable journey.

Unholy Watermelon

Unholy Watermelon Delta-9 THC Shot

Dive into something unholy but delicious, and let your mind run wild. Introducing the Unholy Watermelon flavored shot, which features a delicious taste of sweet watermelon. The tempting flavors of watermelon are accompanied by a sweet fusion of flavors that deliver satisfaction after every sip. 

How To Use VNGNZ Shots

Here are some things to remember before you rip a shot open and take it to head. Consider your tolerance and follow the suggested dosage; there are different ways to enjoy these shots besides guzzling them down in one gulp.

Suggested Dosage

We always recommend you follow the suggested dosage on the label even if you have experience using Cannabis (Marijuana). The reason is that these shots are concentrates, and unlike joints or flower, this type of THC is pure, so it’s not diluted by the naturally occurring compounds from the plant. 

Think of it as a strawberry compared to strawberry syrup. The strawberry is naturally sweet, but the strawberry syrup is concentrated and is more potent in flavor compared to just one strawberry. Therefore, we recommend taking half the shot your first time to see how you react to it. If you feel that you need more after an hour or two, we recommend finishing the rest of the shot.

Different Ways To Enjoy a THC Shot

We have 2 recommendations on how you could enjoy the VNGNZ Shots: taking it straight or mixing it into a cocktail or drink.

Drinking It Straight

If you don’t feel like complicating things, the best way is to take the shot straight. Although you can take half and save the rest for later, you could drink the whole thing in one shot if you feel confident. 

As stated before, any edible is very potent because your body absorbs more, and you only need 25 mg to get a good buzz. However, if you do it for the gram and take it in one gulp, tag us! Also, leave us a review and tell us how you felt.

Mixed THC Cocktails

Mixing it into a cocktail is another way to enjoy a THC shot. Most mixologists recommend not using a crazy amount of THC to enjoy both THC and alcohol. Alternatively, you can opt-out for a mocktail or any other drink complimenting the flavors.

An important thing to consider when making mixed THC cocktails is that the shots have a good amount of sugar. This was because THC concentrates tend to have a bland, earthy flavor. Therefore, sugar is added to the shots to make them more enjoyable.

Zacky Vengeance Signed Guitar

We never expected to collaborate with Zacky Vengeance, and as part of the promo, we’re giving away a signed guitar. To enter for a chance to win, you’ll have to sign up with your email. You can earn additional entries with the purchase of a VNGNZ Shot.

The winner will be announced on Instagram on 10/02/23, so sign up quickly!

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Now that the VNGNZ Shots are available on our website, consider that this product is not classified as Cannabis (Marijuana), but it can still produce a head change. This does not change the fact that the THC shots are still very potent. Also, they come in 2 delicious flavors, but we recommend getting your feet wet first before diving in and taking the shot in one gulp. 

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