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Do THCa Gummies Work? Answering The Top 5 Most Critical Questions

Do THCa Gummies Work?

THCa is proving to be the most popular cannabinoid in the past year. Which means there are a lot of questions such as, “Do THCa gummies work?” Thankfully, Delta Extrax has a lot of answers. We’ve waxed on poetically about THCa quite a bit here, but for those who don’t want to do a deep dive into all things THCa, I’ve written this handy dandy little guide to THCa. Each question has a link to a more in-depth blog, so you can be empowered to learn about this awesome cannabinoid as much as you want! Come on Friends, let’s get into it.

Question #1: Is THCa Real?

What else to know about THCA / Do THCa Gummies Work?

A fun little rumor on Reddit is that THC companies like to “make up” cannabinoids. This is really ridiculous since any reputable hemp company will provide lab reports that show cannabinoids and thereby, prove existence. THCa was discovered to be the precursor of Delta-9 THC by R. Mechoulam in 1969. So this is a newly popular cannabinoid, but it is not newly discovered. And that means it can be easily, and clearly tested.

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Question #2: What is THCa? 

Infused Hemp Flower

THCa aka tetrahydrocannabinolic acid is the non-psychoactive precursor to THC, and is found in fresh cannabis plants. Through decarboxylation (a fancy word for heating), THCa transforms into the THC we know and love. 

However, in its basic form, research has shown that THCa can boost serotonin uptake, act as an an antioxidant, reduce nausea, and soothe inflammation. And those are all the potential effects when THCa isn’t even “activated”. Basically, it’s a really stellar cannabinoid. 

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Question #3: Does THCa Turn Into THC? 

Is There A Delta 8 THC Flower?

Yes, THCA  turns into THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Known as the “precursor” to THC, the molecular structure of THCa will change when heated above 230°F. At this temperature, THCa sheds its carboxylic acid group which means you get you get to enjoy all the psychoactive benefits similar to your favorite THC!

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Question #4: Do THCa Gummies Work?

Do THCa Gummies work? Do they ever! These are some of the bestsellers at Delta Extrax for good reason. Some people will claim that THCa Gummies don’t work or are “fake” because they don’t understand the decarboxylation process. Remember when we said that with heat, THCa transforms into Delta-9 THC? This is a naturally occurring process that happens in plants, and in our bodies during the digestive process.

Some basic science here: our bodies are HOT. We’re constantly producing chemical reactions internally which is why our bodies create a natural reaction to THCa edibles. Like most edibles, our bodies take some time to process them, but once the chemical reactions get churning, THCa transforms into THC which results in a psychoactive reaction. 

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Question #5: Is THCa Strong? 

It might be tempting to underestimate THCa as much “lesser” than Delta-9 THC, but we’d caution otherwise. There’s a reason that Extrax blends feature smaller amounts of THCa, because it’s really quite strong! Too much is never a good thing, and a super high THCa MG amount would take you, well, super high. And not in a fun way. Think of the last time you had too much weed and got a lot higher than intended? Ya, that’s what happens when cannabinoids are not blended mindfully and in a way that promotes enjoyment. THCa is not a cannabinoid to be over-consumed, because of its incredible potency. 

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We hope this guide has helped answer your questions surrounding THCa! And if you’re still curious about THCa, check out the blogs below or jump in our Discord or Twitter to ask any lingering questions! Our mission is to bring the holistic healing of hemp mainstream, and we love sharing all the information about how incredible THC is. There’s no gate keeping here – Delta Extrax is powered by the people and for the people, always! 

Do THCa Gummies Work? Try Our Adios Blends and See For Yourself! 

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