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Does THC Make You Gain Weight?


You don’t automatically start to enjoy Reggae music once you start using THC. Likewise, you don’t automatically start gaining weight once you take THC. In fact, some types of THC don’t give you the munchies at all but can have the opposite effect. We help answer the question, does THC make you gain weight?

Weight Gain From THC

Weight Gain From THC

If you are new or have experience using THC, you may have heard that THC will cause you to gain weight. Although most versions of THC can stimulate appetite, or give you “the munchies,” there is no medical evidence proving that THC will cause you to gain unwanted weight. In fact, some studies have found that most THC users actually weigh less than those that don’t use THC.

As a new or experienced THC user, misinformation can lead you to make incorrect assumptions about THC. So, here’s everything you need to know about the effects THC has on your appetite and weight. Although THC does not cause you to gain weight, there can be other health risks.

Smoking THC

Smoking THC is the most common method of consumption, this is especially true with Marijuana. From what’s been reported is that smoking impacts your cardiovascular health. If you are at a higher risk of cardiovascular health problems, you should practice extreme moderation with products that you smoke.

Cardiovascular health is also associated with weight and obesity. Usually, problems with your weight and heart go together. So, THC will not directly increase your BMI (Body Mass Index) or weight, but it can cause health problems that lead to it.

The Munchies

Everyone is familiar with “the munchies.” Let’s be honest, those late-night menu items at fast-food restaurants exist because of stoners. Also, It is scientifically proven that THC can cause a temporary increase in your appetite while high.

Overeating and late-night eating can lead to weight gain, and how does THC play into this? It all depends on the user. There is not enough evidence to support the statement that THC will cause an increase in weight. However, if you get high every night and order late-night fast food every time, it is going to negatively impact your weight.

Therefore, THC does not directly cause you to gain weight. It is an unhealthy habit you form when you overindulge in unhealthy foods that cause you to gain weight. If you are concerned about how THC may affect your weight, there is good news. It has been known to help control appetite when it is paired with an active lifestyle. If you do get “the munchies” while high, try opting for more healthy food to fulfill that increased appetite.

Opposite Munchies

A version of THC that is known to have the opposite effect of the munchies is THCV. This strain is known to interact with the CB1 receptor, and at low doses, it might actually do the opposite of the munchies. For this reason, some athletes that know about THCV tend to use it above other variants.

If you’re not familiar with THCV it’s short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s different from other variants of THC because at low amounts it doesn’t tend to produce a high. Once you start taking higher amounts it becomes psychoactive. Also, like Delta 8 THC it doesn’t tend to trigger negative side effects that Marijuana tends to cause.


Working Out While High

Working Out While High

You might have heard about athletes using THC for post-workouts, but a growing trend is working out while high. It’s been very popular among Yoga practitioners and runners; we believe because you tend to be lost in your thoughts during both activities. So, you might want to consider trying some THC to enhance your experience. However, be sure not to use too much where it causes sedation, and try to go for a Sativa strain since they tend to promote alertness.

The most traditional way of using THC is after a workout. This is because you’re no longer in that high intense zone and you can finally relax. We recommend using an Indica strain since that tends to promote relaxation. There’s no study to show it will help you recover faster; however, it can promote rest which is what causes you to recover.


THC is going to amplify your habits depending on how you incorporate it into your lifestyle. If you make a habit of getting high and eating a bunch of ice cream late at night, you will gain weight. If you build it into your workout schedule, it could help you control your appetite. There is no definitive science on THC and weight gain. Although it can encourage a healthy appetite, at the end of the day it depends on how you act on it.


Does THC Make You Gain Weight - Conclusion

If you are concerned about THC affecting your weight, your best course of action is to use it in moderation. Additionally, if you want to avoid overeating caused by the “munchies,” try eating a full meal before you get high. This should curb any unwanted hunger later in the evening. Finally, incorporate THC into healthy habits, it can amplify the healthier life choices you make, should you let it.

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