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3 Reasons Why The Essentials Line is the Best Goliath Yet

“Siri, please play Oops I Did It Again by Brittany Spears.” I might be aging myself here, but when the team introduced our newest launch, this song is all I could think of, and for good reason. Because we did it again, Baby, and we’re definitely playing with your hearts now. If you’re in our Discord (or Twitter) then you KNOW how much people love our Goliath Pod System. It’s fanaticism, it’s epic, it’s obsessive, it’s an honest to god cult following type of love. And I am SO here for it, because the Goliath Pod System is simply amazing. That’s why it’s always sold out – we can’t keep up with the demand! 

Amongst all of the outpouring of love (and often aggressive demand) for the Goliath Pod System, there was also some criticism. As a company, we fully welcome constructive criticism (please don’t be mean though, I will cry) and we use that feedback to improve our products. So when we hit some production snags with Goliath, we took it as an opportunity to make it even better and more of what customers wanted. And that’s why we are so excited to introduce The Essentials Line Powered by Goliath

How It Works

This next evolution is the best of both worlds: it’s essentially a 2 Gram cartridge in the shape of a 2 Gram Disposable Pen. That’s what has always made Goliath great – it’s easy and simple. Now, it’s even easier to use because the pod comes already inserted in the device, no assembly required. You get the feel of an Extrax pen, with the sustainability of a cartridge. 


While the previous formula highlighted THCB, now THCP is more emphasized for higher potency. THCP, which is stronger than Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC, is definitely the best choice for this new blend. Lately we’ve been pairing THCa and THCP, but instead chose to add in Delta-9 for some extra strength. THCP and Delta-9 work really well together, and paired with a foundation of Delta-8, bring a very satisfying experience. With these two potent cannabinoids blended in at expert levels, every hit is smooth, rejuvenating, and all around enjoyable.


Along with an updated formula, we also updated the flavors. There was so much enthusiasm for our original flavors, we wanted to keep similar taste profiles but with fresh strains. Blueberry Dream is our Indica strain, which has a luscious sugary blueberry flavor. Next up is our hybrid, Sunset Haze, which tastes like citrus cream and fresh lemon. Our Sativa strain is Maui Wowie, a fan favorite, with refreshing tropical flavors. All three taste amazing and no matter what journey you’re taking, each flavor is an adventure.

More Affordable

As a company, Delta Extrax always tries to price products as reasonably as possible. Most companies just see delta 8 as a cash grab and try to charge as much as they can, but not us. We genuinely believe in the healing power of hemp and believe it should be widely accessible to adults. This is why we took the pricing feedback on the Goliath Starter Kit so seriously. Other requests included having just the battery for sale, and no pods. Combining both concepts brought us to the Essentials Line, featuring one battery and one pod for $25.99. 

We recently dropped prices across our website and made our 2 Gram cartridges less than $20 (!!). With our Essentials Starter Kit you’re getting a 2 Gram pod AND a preheat battery for $25.99. When you break it down, you’re either getting the preheat battery for an absolute steal or 2 Grams of THC goodness for a seriously reduced price. Whichever way you look at it, you’re getting an incredible value. 

Goliath’s Cult Following

It’s always so exciting when we receive such love for specific products, and Goliath is no exception. We’ve listened and improved, and we hope this next evolution of Goliath is just as adored. Want details before anyone else? Join us on Discord for behind the scenes and early access to drops! 

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