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Full Gram THC Cartridges: Less is More + Better

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Full Gram THC Cartridges: Less is More + Better

The term “less is more” often applies to ways of living, art, and even love. However, this term can also apply to food, drinks, and even THC. We’re breaking down ways to enjoy your THC and how our new 1-gram cartridges embody the less is more approach.

1-Gram THC Cartirdges

1-Gram THC Cartirdges

When we started selling Delta 8 online, the market was simple: 1-gram carts, 1-gram disposables, and 100mg gummies. However, as time went on, we figured out a way to pack as much THC into one device. Although this was revolutionary, it came with its flaws. Also, a couple of factors to consider with 1-gram carts are the puff count and the cost.

Puff Count 

A 1-gram cart can give approximately 300 puffs, depending on different factors. In other words, it depends on how hard you hit it, how often, and how you store it. Mostly, it’s nice to enjoy it casually throughout the day versus taking it to the head in one sitting. 


A session is the amount of puffs you take during a short period. This means you sit down, take out your device, pen, joint, etc., and puff on it until you feel something. The session can be 1 – 3 puffs, five puffs, or whatever you need to accomplish your goal.

However, we recommend taking 1 -3 puffs per session and then waiting for 15 minutes. A common belief is the more puffs you take the better the experience will be. But it’s just like eating food; you don’t know how full you are until you take a breather.


The average cost for a 1-gram cartridge is $25.99. However, for a limited time, we’re offering a special price of $18.99, which should help you try something new without investing much of your money.

Light’s Out 1-Gram Cartridges

Light’s Out 1-Gram Cartridges

The Light’s Out Collection is one of our most popular products. It was revolutionary when we first released it because THCh and THCjd were not widely known. So, when we added it to delicious terpenes, keeping them in stock was difficult. Therefore, we decided to work backward and release 1-gram carts to re-introduce it to you.

Full Gram Cartridges

The full-gram cartridges are a call back to when we first started to sell Delta 8. However, we didn’t know what we didn’t know when we first began. By making cartridges 1-gram it reduces clogging and leaks. 

If you’re relatively new to the world of Hemp, leaky carts are an industry-wide issue. The bigger the cart the more likely it will leak. However, there are preventative measures you can take to avoid this, which we’ve outlined in previous articles.

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Unlike our earlier days of only one cannabinoid per product, we now have figured out how to add multiple potent cannabinoids to one gram. The cannabinoids in our Light’s Out collection use THCh and THCjd which are known to be extremely potent on their own.

THCh is known for being 25 times stronger than regular THC, and THCjd is 19 times stronger. Other cannabinoids include Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-P, and Live Resin.

Benefits of 1-Gram Cartridges

Benefits of 1-Gram Cartridges

Here are some advantages of choosing a full-gram cartridge over other types of cartridges.

Less Likely to Leak 

The design of 1-gram cartridges minimizes the risk of leakage, providing a mess-free and convenient solution for on-the-go consumption.

More Affordable

Despite their potency, 1-gram cartridges often offer better value for money compared to smaller alternatives. The cost per gram is generally lower, making them a budget-friendly user option.

Fewer Grams but Stronger Cannabinoids

With a focus on potency, 1-gram cartridges deliver a concentrated dose of cannabinoids. Users can achieve the desired experience with smaller quantities, making these cartridges more efficient.


Choosing a 1-gram cartridge not only minimizes the risk of leaks but also presents a more affordable and better option to enjoy Hemp. The Light’s Out Collection was a way for us to call back to our humble beginnings and offer something potent and convenient.

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