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Ghost X Extrax Double Up Collection

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The Ghost X Extrax Double Up Collection

The Ghost X Extrax Collection just landed, and a lot is happening in this collab. They come in a double pack, have a pre-heat function, and come packed with THCA. Here is a breakdown of why this Ghost Collab is something you’ll want to try.

Ghost X Extrax: Double Up

We’re rolling out this collection with 3 different 2-packs to choose from. In addition, we have Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid disposables. Also, each disposable is 3.5 grams, with a total of 7,000mg per pack.

THCA Disposable Devices

What’s cool about these THCA Disposables is that they have a pre-heat function. When you have any distillate over 2 grams, it tends to get clogged. However, with a pre-heat function, you can heat it, decreasing the chances of a clog.

In addition to the sleek device, the THCA adds a nice twist to these disposables. If you’re unfamiliar with THCA, we have a great article to give you the insight scoop.

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Two Pack THC Disposables

What slaps about this collection is that you’re getting 2-for-1 disposables. We’ve paired two distinct flavors and combined them according to their strains. 

Also, you’re getting 3,500mg of a blend of THC. The THC includes a mix of THCa + Delta-9 THC + HXY9 and delicious-tasting terpenes. The total amount of THC per pack is 7,000mg.

Additional THC Disposable Features

Now that you know more about what’s in this collection, here are some additional details. The devices use a USB-C charger which is very beneficial because it charges the device faster. Also, they have indicator lights that tell you if they need charging.

Although there are 3 different packs to choose from, we have 6 distinct flavors and 3 different strains. Unfortunately, we don’t sell the products individually, but every taste is a winner.  

Ghost Extrax Products

The Ghost Extrax flavors are no joke! Not only does each disposable pack a punch, but we also have some of the best flavors.

Indica Disposables

Cheesecake + XXX OG Ghost Extrax Disposables – 2 Pack

Cheesecake + XXX OG Ghost Extrax Disposables


The Cheesecake strain is an Indica with a rich and creamy cheese flavor, enhanced by the aroma of a sweet, decadent dessert, all perfectly balanced. The sweet undertone adds a touch of decadence, balancing out the tang of the blue cheese and giving this strain a well-rounded flavor profile.


Savor the robust and earthy flavor of XXX OG, an Indica strain with a mellow vibe. The spicy and herbal notes are completed by the woody and pine flavors, adding a touch of freshness and natural sweetness to the overall taste.

Hybrid Disposables

Horchata + Lava Cake Ghost Extrax Disposables – 2 Pack

Horchata + Lava Cake Ghost Extrax Disposables - 2 Pack


Horchata is a hybrid strain that blends the flavors of coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla. Its sweet and spicy notes offer a rich and smooth sensation for a complex, flavorful experience.

Lava Cake

Lava Cake is a hybrid strain containing notes of cool mint, vanilla cake, and earthy tones, providing a pleasant aroma and flavor profile. This strain’s balanced effects and distinct flavor profile make it a favorite among users looking for a mellow experience.

Sativa Disposables

Lemon Pie + Apple Sundae Ghost Extrax Disposables – 2 Pack

Lemon Pie + Apple Sundae Ghost Extrax Disposables - 2 Pack

Lemon Pie

Indulge in the irresistible taste of Lemon Pie. This Sativa strain delivers a burst of lemony goodness with a hint of diesel for a truly unforgettable experience. With its uplifting properties, this strain is perfect when you need positive energy and inspiration.

Apple Sundae

Experience the heavenly flavor of Apple Sundae. It’s a Sativa strain with the perfect blend of the succulent taste of ripe apples and juicy pears blend perfectly with a rich, creamy, buttery undertone. You’ll savor the lingering aftertaste of sweet, fruity goodness with every exhale.

Potent THC Disposables

We’ll say no more about how dope these disposables are. Instead, we want you to try them for yourself. Although these came out during 4/20, with everything going on, you may have overlooked them. Let us know what you think once you have tried them!

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