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Goliath 2.0: The Reimagining of THC Pods

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Goliath 2.0: The Reimagining of THC Pods

Now that we’ve re-released our Goliath 2.0 THC Pods, there are a lot of new changes. Aside from them being double in size – we mixed in a unique blend of THC. Here’s why we’re excited about this relaunch, and we’re breaking down why we believe you’ll enjoy them!

THC Pods Reimagined

THC Pods Reimagined

When we first launched Goliath 1.0, we didn’t think they would become as popular as they did. However, due to the global shortage of raw materials during the post-pandemic (remember that?), we decided to put them on the shelf.

We didn’t know what we didn’t know and couldn’t predict what forms of THC would become popular. Also, we didn’t realize that it was possible to make 2-gram pods, so we reimagined it and came up with Goliath 2.0.

What’s Inside

We added a steady blend of Delta-8, Delta-6, HXY11, THC-P, THC-B, and Live Resin + Terpenes. When we initially launched this collection, it only had three types of THC – Delta 8, HXY11, and THC-H.

The entourage effects from the unique blends of THC are insane! What makes this so potent is that each cannabinoid can be absorbed by you at a higher rate when compared to Delta 8. In other words, you’ll want to take your time with these pods.

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2-Gram THC Pods

We could have stuck with 1 gram of THC, but we figured out a way to make these pods double in size. However, this doesn’t mean the THC Pod is a lot bigger; we figured out a way to expand the pod without making it huge.

The good news is that you’re saving money with the 2-gram THC pods! Although the two-pack 1-gram pods were $25.99 on our website, you’re getting double the amount for about $14.00 more. This means that what would typically cost you $50+ for four 1-gram pods, you’ll now get at $39.99.

THC Device

One thing that is familiar about this relaunch is the Goliath Device. It still only works with our Goliath Pods but has an indicator light to show you when it’s charging, but now use a USB-C type charger. Although the device is still the same as the original design, we’ve now equipped it to handle 2-gram pods.

Difference Between THC Pods and THC Disposables

The many different Extrax Disposables

You might be wondering what the difference between THC Pods and THC Disposables is. Although the experience is the same, the real difference is in the sustainability and the flavors.

Reusable Device

Unlike THC Disposables, you can reuse the Goliath 2.0 Device. You can only use a THC Disposable until it runs out of the distillate, then you throw the entire device away because the cartridges are not refillable.

However, you can keep reusing the Goliath 2.0 Device, but you will have to discard the pods once it’s all used up. Although you’re still throwing away the pods after use, you’re not throwing away an entire device. The result is less plastic/metals end up in landfills.

Less Faulty Devices

We understand the headache of having to deal with a faulty device. However, it’s not just a Delta Extrax problem; it’s an industry-wide problem. It has to do with how thick the distillate is, and when it dries up, it can end up blocking the airway resulting in clogging.

It’s a lot easier to troubleshoot these issues with the THC Pods because, unlike Disposable Devices, you can remove the THC Pods. Furthermore, this means that you can get to the root of the problem of the clog rather than being unable to remove the cartridge in a Disposable.

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Flavored THC Pods

Like every product we’ve ever launched, we include some unique flavors found only in that specific collection, and the Goliath 2.0 products are no exception. We have some incredible flavors and have thrown in 2 different ones in our Goliath Starter Kit.

You get the chance to try Berry Blue (Indica) and Hawaiian Snow (Sativa) when you purchase the starter kit. The good thing is we have each pod available in a 2-pack, so essentially you’re getting 4 grams of THC in each pack. That should be enough to last you a while, and the delicious flavors will keep you returning for more.

Goliath 2.0 Products

Goliath 2.0 Products

We’re very excited about this relaunch and have brought back the amazing flavors that make up our Goliath 2.0 THC Pods. Here is what you can expect from each THC Pod.

THC Pods for Sale

THC Pods for Sale

If you have yet to try our THC Pods, this is the perfect time! We just released it, and demand is very high. We re-released Goliath THC Pods and added a wild blend of THC. We made the THC Pods a lot bigger and more affordable. Now is the perfect time to try our THC Pods, and let us know what you think. 

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