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We premiered the Goliath line with a one-of-a-kind starter kit, which included a unique device and two 1-gram pods for use. Then, we went bolder by doubling the size of the pods to two grams, with each pack including twice the fun! Now, we’re going for the triple with three brand-new flavors made from a fresh blend of THCa, Delta-9P THC, and Delta-8 THC!

Bigger and Bolder

We’ve doubled the size of our pods! Now you get twice the draw as before, with pods measuring 2G per container.

Innovative Pod System

The Goliath is an unmatched plug & play system; simply insert your 2-gram pod into the device and you’re set!

Favored Flavors

Berry Blue, Hawaiian Show, and London Pound Cake are joined by Green Queen, Melted Strawberries, and Purple Swish!

Goliath 2.0 Pods + Device Specs.

THCa + Delta-9p 2G Pods Duo | Goliath Collection
Goliath Logo - White

2-Gram Pods for Sale!

Note: You’ll Need a Goliath Device to use these Pods!

The Freshest Goliath

New 2G Pod Flavors with a Unique Blend of THCa + Delta-9P THC + Delta-8 THC
Goliath Green Queen Duo Pack 2G Pods

Green Queen
2x Two-Gram Pods

Flavor: Apricot + Grapefruit
Strain: Sativa

Goliath Melted Strawberries Duo Pack 2G Pods

Melted Strawberries
2x Two-Gram Pods

Flavor: Strawberry
Strain: Hybrid

Goliath Green Purple Swish Pack 2G Pods

Purple Swish
2x Two-Gram Pods

Flavor: Grape + Berry + Earthy
Strain: Indica

Original Flavors

The Original Goliath 2G Pod Flavors with a Blend of Delta-8, Delta-6, HXY11, THC-P, & THC-B
Berry Blue Goliath 2G Pods

Berry Blue
2x Two-Gram Pods

Flavor: Sweet Blueberry
Strain: Indica

Hawaiian Snow Goliath 2G Pods

Hawaiian Snow
2x Two-Gram Pods

Flavor: Tropical Fruit
Strain: Sativa

London Pound Cake Goliath 2G Pods

London Pound Cake
2x Two-Gram Pods

Flavor: Sweet Vanilla + Lemon
Strain: Hybrid

Goliath Delta-8 Starter Kit
Available Now! 🔥

The Goliath Starter Kit has gotten an upgrade! Each Kit still includes the one-of-a-kind Goliath device but now includes 2-gram pods of Berry Blue and Hawaiian Snow! Click on the button below to order your starter kit!
Goliath Started Kit 2 Gram THC Pods + Goliath Device
Goliath Trio Pods with Device

F.A.Q Goliath 2.0 Pods + Device

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What ingredients do the Goliath strains contain?
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