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How Delta 8 Changed Cannabis

How Delta-8 Changed Cannabis, featuring a woman enjoying a Lights Out gummy

The most known-unknown cannabinoid, Delta 8 is truly a game changer. It made everyone look at Hemp differently because it was able to get you high and legally. Let’s examine how Delta 8 changed cannabis for the good and the bad.

It’s 2020, and the pandemic is making everyone bored at home. CBD companies began to start carrying a new product called Delta 8. Suddenly people in states where cannabis is not legal can legally get high.

CBD Began Delta 8

Before Delta 8 became what it is today, people in states where cannabis was illegal could only enjoy CBD. However, this left people wanting more from CBD but the Farm Bill of 2018 prevented this. 

In comes a lesser-known cannabinoid called Delta 8, which was Hemp-compliant because it isn’t considered Marijuana. The cherry on top was that Delta 8 could get you high, and its effects were somewhere between Marijuana and CBD. 

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It took time for lawmakers to figure out what was going so for a long time, Delta 8 went unchecked. As a result, Delta 8 was technically legal in the state where Marijuana was considered illegal; because Delta 8 comes from Hemp.

Suddenly there was a high demand for anything Delta 8. Only a few companies, including us, were available at that time that fully transitioned from CBD to Delta 8. Although our CBD brand, Savage CBD, is still around, Delta Extrax has become far more popular than we ever expected.

Delta 8 is Less Expensive Than Cannabis

Not only did people in states where Marijuana is illegal reap the benefits from Delta 8, but legal states loved it too. The reason is that Delta 8 is less expensive than Marijuana.

In states where cannabis is legal, you end up paying higher taxes which get passed on to you as the consumer. So for a similar high, you can get a THC product shipped to your door for a lesser price. Also, you can enjoy the same strains and flavors that you would typically get.

The Bad Side of Delta 8

The Bad Side of Delta 8

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows for Delta 8. Besides lawmakers and local authorities wanting to ban anything Delta 8, fake products made their way into the market. They promised a less expensive high at an even lower cost, but a lower price is not always beneficial.

3rd Party Lab Test Matter

Whenever you purchase a product from a website or a local smoke shop, you want to be sure that they have Lab Tests available. A 3rd party lab test ensures that you’re getting a Hemp-compliant product and that it’s safe.

Most products have a QR Code you can scan, which will lead you to a website or a PDF of a results list. The most common test includes Cannabinoid Analysis to test how much Marijuana is in the product; the other is a Full Panel test for heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Dirty D8 Carts

The term “dirty carts” can refer to a distillate cartridge that has more than the legal requirement of Delta 9 THC or contains harmful chemicals. Anything with more than 0.3% of Delta 9 is considered Marijuana and no longer Hemp-compliant.

The reason why dirty carts that contain harmful chemicals exist is that they are cheaper to make. A dirty cart tends to have less actual THC and more flavored terpenes. In addition, they add Vitamin E Acetate to thicken it to make it appear like a regular cartridge.

The Benefits of Delta 8

The Benefits of Delta 8
Kiwi Watermelon Lights Out Gummies

Different varieties of Marijuana products exist depending on how it was grown, the region they came from, etc. The same applies to Hemp; you can find different Delta 8 products, including Kush, OG, Indicas, and Sativas.

A Less Potent High

Let’s face the facts; Marijuana is way more potent than it was ten years ago. We’ve discovered better and more efficient ways to extract THC from cannabis plants. As a result, we now have potent THC products that take less of it to get you high.

However, not everyone likes getting stoned out of their mind. With that same technology used to extract THC from Marijuana, we can now extract THC from Hemp. Although Hemp isn’t as potent, we can honestly say that Delta 8 is what Marijuana was ten years ago.

Fewer Side Effects

Some people experience adverse side effects such as anxiety, confusion, or paranoia when they take too much THC. The chances of this happening with Delta 8 are a lot less because it’s not as potent. However, this doesn’t mean that these side effects are not possible.

One thing to consider is your tolerance level. Looking at our reviews, you’ll see some people saying they didn’t feel anything from our products. If you keep scrolling the reviews of that same product, others will report an intense high; what’s the reason for that? Individual tolerance levels.

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Delta 8 Changed Cannabis

Delta 8 Changed Cannabis

Delta 8 gained momentum during the pandemic because it was available for more people than Marijuana was. Like anything popular, we began to see knockoffs, which is the biggest reason you should get your Delta 8 from a reliable source.

There are many benefits from taking Delta 8 over Marijuana, but the most significant benefit is that it’s less regulated so far. If you’ve never tried Delta 8, you can take advantage by taking 15% off your entire first order by using WELCOME15 at checkout.

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