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How Delta-8 THC Can Change Your Life

How Delta-8 THC Can Change Your Life

The Delta-8 cannabinoid has been revolutionary since it first made its way into the market. This is because only certain states allowed the sale or use of Delta-9 THC (Marijuana). However, with the climate slowly changing, Delta-8 THC has made life a lot more enjoyable for some. Here is how Delta-8 THC can change your life for the better.

Does Delta-8 THC Make You Happy?

Does Delta 8 THC Make You Happy

A common question that tends to get asked is does Delta-8 make you happy? Happiness means different things to different people. However, when the word “happy” is used when referring to THC, it’s usually referring to that psychoactive and euphoric feeling you get when you’re high.

Psychoactive Experience

Delta-8 THC is very much so psychoactive, but not as psychoactive as Delta-9 THC. This part of the Hemp plant gets you feeling a certain way. Also, the word psychoactive means that a substance (Delta-8) affects the mind.

This can trigger a feeling of relaxation, contentment, and other feelings associated with happiness. However, the fact that Delta-8 is a type of THC makes it psychoactive. Unlike CBD, Delta-8 THC will get you high.

The type of high that you experience will differ depending on how much you take. Nevertheless, It is still possible to feel a high which is similar to that of Marijuana, just not as intense. Therefore, the high-euphoric feeling that you get from Delta-8 will be very similar to Marijuana.

Euphoric Feeling

It’s common to experience a feeling of euphoria when you’re high. The type of strain most commonly associated with a euphoric feeling is Sativa. On the contrary, Indica strains are more often attributed to relaxation and a more mellow experience.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t experience a feeling of euphoria if you don’t use a Sativa strain. It just means that it’s more commonly found in Sativa strains. However, every strain tends to have certain elements from its opposite strain. Hence the existence of Hybrid strains which usually have the best of both Indica and Sativa.

A feeling of bliss is common when you use any form of THC. This carefree feeling is often associated with happiness; if this is something you’re looking for, we recommend trying a Sativa product first.

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What Delta-8 THC Does To Your Body

What Delta 8 THC Does To Your Body

The results from Delta-8 are very similar to those of Delta-9. The main reason is because Delta-8 is a form of THC, although not as potent as Marijuana. However, there are similar traits that you can expect from Delta-8 which include sleepiness, red eyes, and the munchies depending on how much you take.


One of the biggest traits that THC is reported to have is making people feel sleepy after consuming it. However, this is not how everyone naturally responds to THC. Some people tend to get energy from THC regardless of the type of strain they take.

If you’re looking to relax, then you might want to use an Indica strain. Although this isn’t a guarantee that it will put you to sleep, it typically promotes relaxation due to the added Terpenes.

Also, the more THC you take the more sedated you tend to feel. But, just like drinking coffee to wake you up and end up feeling even more tired; THC tends to have the opposite effect on people regardless of how much they take. It has to do with your body type, age, and other individual factors.

Red Eyes

When you get high, you will experience a slight increase in blood pressure. Once your blood pressure goes back to normal it will start to decrease, then trigger the capillaries in your eyes to dilate. Once your capillaries are dilated, your body will increase blood to your eyes causing them to get bloodshot.

There is no reason to worry since this is a normal occurrence when you get high. However, if you do get worried, you can always take eye drops or try bringing your high down. A way to reduce redness is to try not taking that much THC; red eyes are a direct result of how much THC you consume – the more THC the more your eyes turn red.

Regardless of what myths are floating out there, it doesn’t matter if you smoked your THC or took an edible. When you’re high, your eyes will turn red unless you use eye drops. Also, eye drops will not bring down your high, contrary to popular belief.


Another familiar experience with Delta-8 is the munchies. This usually happens when you take high amounts of THC which causes you to be more hungry than usual. There are many reasons why THC triggers the munchies such as stimulation and certain sensors not operating at full capacity.

What typically happens is neurons in our brain that normally turn off while we eat stimulate eating when we take THC. Therefore, certain activities such as eating or watching a movie seem more satisfying than they are.

Although experiences may vary some versions of THC can have the opposite of the munchies. Not that it suppresses hunger but it doesn’t tend to have that stimulating effect that causes hunger like regular THC. This type of THC is known as THCV.

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Taking Delta-8 THC Daily

Taking Delta 8 THC Daily

If you take Delta-8 THC, there are certain changes that you’ll notice start to happen. For one it will take more of it to get you in that familiar headspace; therefore, you may want to try microdosing your THC and checking out the strength or milligrams of the product.


When you take Delta 8 THC regularly, your tolerance levels will go up. This is nothing to be alarmed about since this happens naturally. However, the short-term solution is taking what is known as a tolerance break.

A tolerance break is when you give your body a rest from THC. If you’ve become accustomed to THC it might be a little difficult to break the habit. However, not only will your pocketbook be happy (you will buy less) but you’ll also not need as much THC as before.

It’s basically a short reset – this works great for people who find that THC no longer affects them the same. Also, it’s good to give your body a rest from time to time.


After you’ve taken your tolerance break, you might want to consider microdosing your THC. What microdosing means is that you’re taking just enough THC to get you a small buzz. This is a great way to make sure your tolerance to THC stays low.

When you microdose you’ll find that it doesn’t take much THC to get you to feel a certain way. Typically 4-5mg of THC is enough to get you high. However, when you microdose, you’re only taking between 1-2mg of THC. Which means it’s just enough for you to start feeling the effects.

A person who takes Delta-8 THC daily can use between 30-45mg of THC in one day! So, taking a tolerance break and microdosing will not only use less THC but also save you money in the long run.


Finally, check the strength of the product that you’re using. If you are the type of person that takes THC every day see how much milligrams it takes you to get high. This can help you determine if you need more of it or less.

Typically edibles are a lot stronger than anything you vape or smoke. However, the biggest benefit of smoking or vaping your THC is that you’ll feel it a lot quicker than you would with an edible.

Keep in mind that although Delta-8 THC is not as potent as Marijuana, it doesn’t mean that it’s not potent. It’s just if you’re used to Marijuana it might take a little more Delta-8 to reach the same experience that you would with Marijuana.

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How Delta 8 Can Change Your Life

Delta-8 is a life- and game-changer. Not only is it available in more places than Marijuana, but it also produces a very similar experience. It can get you sleepy, red eyes, and hungry like weed can, and the other feelings that come along with it. However, the biggest difference is the strength – it won’t be as strong as a weed, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t potent.

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