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How Long Can It Take For a Gummy to Kick In?

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How long can it take for a gummy to kick in?

Gummies can take a while before they hit, but it can be an intense experience when they finally do. However, have you ever wondered why gummies take so long? We explore why there’s a delayed reaction, why it creeps up, and how many you should take.

Why Do Gummies Take So Long To Hit You?

One of our most popular Delta Extrax products is our gummies. They may not seem like much but don’t be fooled. They’re packed with a high concentration of hemp-derived THC. The main reason why gummies take so long to hit you will depend on your body chemistry, the last time you ate, and the unique nature of edibles.

Body Chemistry

No two bodies are identical, and that’s why products like our THC Gummies are difficult to gauge. The time it takes for a gummy to kick in is intricately tied to individual body chemistry. Enzymes and metabolic processes vary from person to person, influencing the absorption and onset of THC.

In other words, your overall health, body composition, and general tolerance will depend on how fast and how strong it hits you. Also, our metabolism and enzymatic activity contribute to how fast THC-infused gummies will kick in or how slow it will take.

How Recently You Have Eaten

Taking an edible on an empty stomach can expedite digestion, speeding up absorption. The lack of food in the stomach means fewer substances compete for absorption, allowing the THC in the gummy to be processed and leading to a potentially more intense and faster-acting experience.

On the contrary, eating a huge meal just before taking an edible can delay your reaction even more. This is because your body has to digest the food first, then the edible. Therefore, eating before a meal can slow down the process, but taking an edible on an empty stomach can speed up the process.

Why Isn’t My Gummy Kicking In?

Why Isn't My Gummy Kicking In?

There are several reasons why a gummy isn’t kicking in like you want it. The top reasons might be something you haven’t considered.

Depends on the Individual

The gummy experience is highly personalized. For some, a gummy can kick in after a couple of minutes, while others can experience it hours later or nothing at all.

Things to Consider

Body Weight

The relationship between body weight and THC sensitivity is a nuanced one. Those with higher body weights may require a slightly higher milligram due to a slower metabolism and how the THC gets distributed throughout the body.

Body Chemistry

We can’t stress enough how individual body chemistry has much to do with how you react to THC. The intricate interplay between THC and individual body chemistry can significantly influence how quickly—or slowly—the gummy experience unfolds.

Gummy Type

Not all gummies are created equal. Different strains, cannabinoids, extraction methods, and formulations contribute to differences in onset times. So, you can take a 100mg gummy of pure Delta 8, then a 100mg gummy of a blend of cannabinoids, and the experience will be completely different.

Your Overall Tolerance

Seasoned THC enthusiasts may find that their tolerance influences the time it takes for gummies to kick in. Regular consumers might require higher amounts to reach your goal. However, if you’re used to vaping or smoking your THC, you might be surprised how a gummy can creep up on you.

How Many Gummies Should I Take?

How Many Gummies Should I Take?
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We always recommend two things when taking gummies. 1) Follow the package instructions, and 2) Follow the golden rule of THC: start low and go slow. Here are some tips on how many gummies you should take.

Follow The Package Instructions

Following the instructions on the package when taking gummies is crucial because it provides a guideline to help you gauge how much to take. However, this shouldn’t be treated as gospel because, as we stressed earlier, everyone’s body chemistry is different.

The only real way to gauge how much to take is by trial and error – this doesn’t mean to overdo it. You have your guidelines on the back of the package; therefore, it’s up to you to decide if you should take more than the recommended amount or less.

The Golden Rule of THC

For some, the Golden Rule of THC is puff, puff, pass. However, you can’t puff on a gummy, so the rule we like to iterate is to start low and go slow. In other words, always take less than the recommended amount of THC and see how you feel.

If you feel that you need more after an hour or two, go for it. But you’ve found your sweet spot if you feel it kicking in after an hour or two. We wish we could tell you how much to take and what it will do to you. Unless you break down your body’s chemistry, there’s no real way of knowing without trying the THC.


How Long Can It Take For a Gummy to Kick In? - Conclusion

There are several reasons why gummies take so long for it to kick in. For some, it can take an hour, and for others, about two hours. However, times vary because everyone is built differently. External factors can also contribute to the delays or how fast it kicks in, such as when you last eat, the strength of the gummy, etc. The best way to find out how long a gummy takes to kick in is to try it yourself.

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