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How to Pair Wine with THC

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A Comprehensive Guide for The Holidays

We love a good time as much as we love Delta Extrax products, whether we’re out with friends or having a quiet night. But what goes well with THC? How about good wine? Here are some tips on how to pair your wine with THC this holiday season.

How to Pair Wine by Strain

That’s right, wine is a rad addition to the Delta Extrax experience. Not sure how to pair the two? Keep reading for some stellar combinations that will increase your high and give you an incredible flavor adventure.

While we categorize our Extrax by strain and flavor profile, we choose our wine based on varietal and sweetness/dryness. You can sugar-bomb it with the sweetest smoke and the sweetest Moscato, but we love a balanced approach.

THC Strains

Let’s break it down by strain, since your wine choice should complement the feeling you’re chasing. For example, if you want a chill vibe, we don’t recommend a white wine – which is notorious for giving a much brighter buzz than red wine.

Sativa Strains

If you’re smoking Sativa, white wine is the perfect pairing. Since Sativa provides a more euphoric experience, white wine will complement that high quite well. Typically lower in alcohol content, this wine will also keep you from getting too crazy, so you can sip to your heart’s content without worry of being a drunken/high mess.

Pinot Grigio

One of our favorite combinations is the Wreck’d Twisted Citrus 2G Cartridge with a bottle of Pinot Grigio. A semi-dry wine, Pinot Grigio is a good baseline for whites. Not too flavor-forward, the sweet citrus of the cartridge will enhance the light fruit flavors typically found in this wine. That classic white wine effect will elevate the high to be very invigorating.


Another Sativa and wine duo we love is the Lights Out Tangie Sunrise 1G Cartridge with a dry Prosecco. Basically, a mimosa, bright citrus, and prosecco are always winners. Prosecco tends to lend a more bubbly buzz, so this combination is sure to get you in a party mood.

Delta Extrax Wreck'd 2g Cartridge - Twisted Citrus
Lights Out THCh + THCjd 1g Cartridge - Tangie Sunrise

Hybrid Strains

Feeling relaxed but want a more harmonious high? A medium-bodied wine is the go-to. Start with any one of our Hybrid strains and you’re off to a great start!


Merlot is an easy-drinking red wine with hints of cherries, cinnamon, and dark chocolate. However, these flavors are subtle enough that when added to the creamy vanilla from our Sweet Tooth disposable, it will create a soothing, rich experience.

The invigorating but not overwhelming high will increase the warmth from the Merlot for an entirely satisfying high that isn’t too mellow.


For a more unexpected match, we propose a juicy Zinfandel with our two-pack of Horchata X Lava Cake Ghost Extrax Disposables. Surprisingly, both flavors will interact with this wine very well.

Zinfandel is fuller-bodied yet has the sweetness of a lighter-bodied red wine. It’s brimming with ample fruits, cinnamon, and tobacco. This wine will sate the skunkiness from the Lava Cake disposable, while the lemony smoke will heighten the wine’s light peach and strawberry notes. Horchata’s bold cinnamon will enhance the already big berry flavor of the Zinfandel, and the vanilla will pair well with the wine’s sweetness.

Sounds delicious, right? The hybrid strains are uplifting, and the heavier alcohol content of the Zinfandel will keep the high pleasant

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa 4.5g Disposable - Sweet Tooth
Ghost Extrax THCa + Delta-9 THC 3.5G Disposables Duos - Lava Cake + Horchata (Hybrid)

Indica Strains

Moving onto ultimate relaxation, Indica strains unite well with full-bodied red wines. The heaviness of red wine mesh with the subdued effect of Indica and will keep you nice and soothed.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Instead of eating actual dessert, we suggest taking a hit of Jelly Sherbet 4.5G Disposable and then sipping on a Cabernet Sauvignon. Delectable creaminess will intertwine with the full fruit flavors in the wine, while the hemp undertones will meld with the jammy aftertaste.

It is a delightful explosion of flavor that keeps you content and chilling.

Petite Sirah

Our favorite bedroom combination starts with a puff on Star Dust 2G Disposable while drinking a Petite Sirah. A California wine that’s known for being very high in alcohol with strong pepper notes, this will get you feeling spicy too. The sweet berry flavor will mellow the tanginess of the wine and marry with the refreshing pine aftertaste of the vape.

A delicious combination, you’ll be feeling zen in no time.

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa 4.5g Disposable - Jelly Sherbet
Delta Extrax Liquid Badder THCp+ 3.5g Disposable - Stardust OG

Isn’t Wine…Expensive?

Wine might have the reputation of being this elegant, unapproachable, expensive beverage, but it really isn’t. When it comes to wine, price does not equate to quality. A $30 wine can taste just as good as a $300 wine, and a $13 wine can be just as good as a $30 wine. In fact, we’d like to argue that under-$10 wines smack too. There’s a reason Two Buck Chuck wines are wildly successful.

When buying wine, most pricing is based on the brand’s name and marketing. If the goal is to be seen as “high end,” then the wine is priced to be somewhat unattainable, like a luxury good. If the goal is to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, then the wine will be priced to sell.

Cost Effective Wines

Of course, company size reflects in pricing – a small, locally owned winery will have higher costs than a large corporation that owns multiple wineries. This is also why you can get some rad wines for very low prices. The same company that owns Barefoot Wine owns a variety of other wineries that range broadly in price.

In fact, Barefoot Wine is one of the wines we recommend. Their Pinot Grigio will set you back about $6 for a bottle, which will be just as good as a $15 bottle under a different name. Crane Lake boasts a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon for $4. It’s very bottom shelf, but it is an absolute gem and an excellent choice for wine novices and connoisseurs. Other great options include Local Roots, Simply Wines, and Josh Cellars.

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