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How To Unclog THC Pods – Goliath Edition

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How to Unclog THC Pods - Goliath Edition

If you’re like most people, your THC Pod has clogged, and it’s super annoying. What if we told you that it happens to everyone? And the Goliath Pods are no exception. This how-to blog breaks down the common mistakes people make that clog the pod, how to troubleshoot the issue, and how to avoid clogs.

Troubleshooting Clogged THC Pods

Troubleshooting Clogged THC Pods

We’ve all had those moments where we’re all set to chill, but our pod decides to play hard to get. The rookie error? Going full beast mode and trying to inhale like there’s no tomorrow when you feel that resistance. 

But here’s the lowdown: the more you try to power through, the more you risk getting a mouthful of liquid instead of that smooth vapor. And let’s be honest, that’s not the kind of party crasher we want.

Pre-Heat Function

Instead of going zero to a hundred, let’s keep the vibes mellow. Ease into a gentle draw. If it feels like you’re trying to pull a milkshake through a pinhole, it’s time to flex that preheat function on your Goliath Device. 

Think of it as a quick stretch before hitting the dance floor. And always ensure your device is juiced up. You wouldn’t start a Netflix binge with 10% battery, would you?

Once you’re all powered up, and you’ve given the preheat its moment to shine, take another draw. Listen out for that soft pop and the sweet sound of airflow. It’s like the universe giving you a high-five, saying, “Nailed it!”

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Why THC Pods Get Clogged

Have you ever scratched your head, wondering why these clogs even happen? It’s all about the distillate playing temperature games. This magic juice has its moments, transitioning from hot to cold, flowing warm like a river to chilling like ice. The distillate’s consistency changes based on its temp, and that’s where the clogging drama kicks in.

But here’s where it gets tricky: if you’re not using your pod for a bit and just sitting there, the distillate can start solidifying in the coil or the mouthpiece. Over time, this can lead to those annoying clogs. 

It’s like leaving that chocolate out on a cold day – it will set, and you’ll need to warm it up to get it all gooey again. So, understanding this little science behind the scenes can help you keep those clogs at bay and ensure every session is as smooth as your favorite tune.

Chagring Your THC Pod Device

Your Goliath device is a modern marvel, but it’s a little picky about its power source. While it’s cool with a USB-C charging cord, it prefers a charging block between 1 amp and 0.5 amp. Think of it as the device’s preferred diet – sure, it can munch on anything, but give it the right stuff, and it’ll perform at its peak.

And just like you wouldn’t fuel a sports car with low-grade gas, you shouldn’t power your Goliath with just any old charger. A low amp charger ensures a steady, efficient charge, minimizing the risk of overloading or damaging the device. 

It’s all about giving your Goliath the VIP treatment it deserves. A proper charge means consistent heating, translating to fewer clogs and a smoother experience. So, next time you plug in, ensure you’re serving up the premium juice your Goliath craves. After all, a happy device means a happy sesh!

Tips for Avoiding THC Pod Clogs

Tips for Avoiding THC Pod Clogs
  • Preheat Function: Kick-off every session with the preheat function. But remember, moderation is key. Overdo it, and you might get some spit back. And nobody’s got time for that.
  • Over-Preheating: If you over-preheat and things get messy, take a soft hit and gradually increase your draw speed. Wait for that air pocket to pop and clear the way.
  • Storing: Keep your THC pod upright, at room temp, and away from that sneaky natural light. Oxidation is like the pod’s kryptonite. It dims its shine and potency. Proper storage = fewer clogs and a consistently dank experience.
  • Prevention: Every tool, even the dankest ones like the Goliath, needs some TLC. With the proper care, technique, and patience, you’ll keep those clogs at bay and your sessions top-notch.

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The Goliath 2.0 Collection

The Goliath 2.0 Collection

The Goliath THC Pods aren’t your regular THC lineup. Designed exclusively for the Goliath device, these THC pods are packed with a straight-up fire blend. We’re talking Delta 8 THC, HXY-11 THC, a sprinkle of THCh, and the magic of Live Resin. Every hit? Smooth, flavorful, and oh-so-satisfying.

If you’re vibing with what you’re hearing, then the Goliath Collection is your next move. It’s more than just a THC pod session; it’s a whole experience. Crafted with care, passion, and a deep respect for the green, the Goliath Collection is all about delivering those top-shelf moments. So, if you’re ready to elevate and ride that premium wave, Goliath’s got your back. Dive in and feel the difference.

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