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How To Use HHC Cannabinoid Products


If you’re still not familiar with Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) it’s a cannabinoid very similar to THC. However, it’s a lot more stable and not as delicate as THC. In this guide, we will walk you through how to use HHC cannabinoid products. You’ll discover the best ways to use HHC, along with why it’s becoming an instant favorite among THC users.

HHC Is Similar To THC

HHC Is Similar To THC

The experience you get from HHC is very similar to THC. This is because they are both psychoactive, which means that they both have the ability to get you high. Also, the experience is much closer to Delta 9 THC (Marijuana) rather than Delta 8 THC. In other words, it’s more of a Sativa type high, because you feel it more in your head. On the contrary, Delta 8 THC has been compared to an Indica strain which is more of a body high.

Another notable similarity is how quickly you begin to feel the HHC when vaped. Anything that is vaped tends to have a fast absorption rate, especially when compared to edibles. The same is true for any type of THC, you begin to feel the onset effects within a couple of minutes. So, if you’re looking for something a little stronger than Delta 8 THC, the best option would be HHC. However, something that is a little more potent is THCP which is part of our Platinum Collection.

HHC Cannabinoid Products

HHC Cannabinoid Products

Since one of the best ways to enjoy THC products is by vaping, it only made sense to make HHC vapeables. Our Hydro collection currently features 4 – HHC products in the form of cartridges and disposable devices. All of these products have the same amount of HHC, but the major difference is your personal preference.

If you already have the hardware to vape a cartridge then the HHC cartridges are your best option. However, if you don’t have the hardware then HHC Disposables are the better option for you. Here is a brief overview of the HHC products currently available on our site.


Our HHC Disposable pens come ready to use; this means that all you need to do is open the package and start to vape. There is no e-juice to fill, and no wattage that needs to be set. This is ideal for someone who is new to vaping. Also, the types of strains available are great and enjoyable.

God’s Gift HHC Disposable


What’s interesting about the God’s Gift strain is that it’s Indica dominant and usually about a 90% Indica to 10% Sativa ratio. In other words, it’s a true Indica strain that provides the body high along with more mellow vibes. The flavor profile includes a grape-like flavor along with an after-taste of a citrus blend.

Purple Punch


If you’re looking for a more neutral experience Purple Punch is the right HHC Disposable for you. It’s a Hybrid strain that has a grape candy-like flavor along with notes of fruit punch. Although its flavor resembles a purple punch, its potency can also feel like a punch to the head and the body. Not literally, but it does tend to have a well-balanced body and head high.


The biggest difference between disposables and cartridges is the hardware involved. In order to vape an HHC Cartridge you’ll need a 510 thread device. This device is meant to vape any type of distillate including THC, CBD, HHC, etc. You can purchase one locally from a vape shop or online. Once you have this device you can begin to enjoy the following HHC products:

Blue Widow HHC Cartridge


The type of strain that Blue Widow is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid strain. This means that it has the qualities of a Hybrid strain, but leans closer to a Sativa strain. You can expect to feel the euphoric experience along with the body high. However, individual experiences can vary depending on how much you take along with your tolerance. The flavor has been described as having a sweet flavor along with hints of sour citrus.

Cherry Pie HHC Cartridge


Finally, our Cherry Pie cartridge is the perfect blend of Indica and Sativa – Hybrid strain. You can expect sweet aromas of berries and cherries. Also, the experience has been noted to build up gradually. As the experience progresses then the Sativa side begins to kick in. It is said to provide a euphoric head change, but a very pleasant one.

Troubleshooting Issues

We want you to be aware that any type of distillate that you can vape has the possibility of getting clogged. This is because the distillate is a thick substance that goes from being oil to vapor. Therefore, when it cools down it can stick to the inner walls of the device causing it to clog up. After some time it can build up until the airway is completely clogged with distillate.

There are several ways to resolve this issue including inserting something thin into the airway to make sure there’s no distillate blocking the air passage. Another possible way to troubleshoot is to preheat the distillate to loosen up the oil. If it’s blocking the airway passage, warming up the distillate can possibly loosen it.



How To Use HHC Cannabinoid Products - Conclusion

The way to use HHC Cannabinoid products is exactly the same way as you would use THC products. Also, the experience and flavors are very similar to THC. The biggest difference is that HHC is not THC, it’s its own cannabinoid. We have different HHC products that you are able to vape, each with its own unique properties and flavors.

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