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Is There A Delta 8 THC Flower?

Is there a Delta-8 THC Flower?

A lot of the products that are available in the form of CBD are also available for Delta 8 THC. However, the biggest difference is the experience you receive from both products. Since Delta 8 THC is an extract from the Hemp plant; this leaves many wondering – is there a Delta 8 THC Flower? We will explore this, and other important information that you will want to know about Delta 8 THC Flower.

Is There Such A Thing As A Delta-8 Flower?

Is there such a thing as a Delta-8 flower?

There isn’t a naturally occurring Delta 8 THC flower because Delta 8 is an extract. This means that Delta 8 is a concentration of a specific type of THC that the Hemp plant produces. Also, Industrial Hemp produces small amounts of Delta 8; this is why you’re able to smoke Hemp Flower (CBD Flower) and not get high. Also, it takes a lot of Hemp to produce small amounts of Delta 8 THC. Products like CBD occur naturally in the Hemp plant and you’re able to get high concentrations of it from Hemp Flower.

Other products like Marijuana contain high concentrations of Delta 9 THC; this is not the same as Delta 8 THC. Although they are both THC there are small differences in their molecular structures that produce a different high. So, you’re able to smoke Marijuana in joints, bongs, etc. naturally while this is not the case for Delta 8 THC.


The reality is that there is no such thing as an actual CBD flower. It is merely Industrial Hemp. People refer to Hemp Flower as CBD Flower because there are large amounts that naturally occur in the plant. Therefore, because Delta 8 THC occurs in very low concentrations; in order for a manufacturer to obtain large amounts of the Delta 8 the plant must endure a special process. This consists of extraction, isolation, conversion, and refinement.

However, there are other ways to acquire the Delta-8 cannabinoid, such as isomerization to Delta-8 THC, which involves dissolving 1g of CBD in 10ml of 0.005molar H2SO4 in glacial acetic acid, letting the solution stand at room temperature, then after three hours, CBD would be converted into 52% Delta-9 THC and 2% Delta-8 THC. No matter which method you use to acquire the compound, it continues to yield low concentrations. This makes the Delta-8 cannabinoid very valuable due to its difficulty being obtained, its benefits, and the unique effects that are desired by many.


Yes. In fact, there are some companies that make a Delta-8 infused Hemp Flower. They take legally compliant hemp flowers that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, then spray it with Delta-8 THC, and are finished by being dusted or rolled in CBG or CBD kief. It is a type of flower product that is similar to moon rocks or asteroids. Delta-8 is sometimes mixed with Flower to increase the potency level, though some believe that mixing Delta-8 with a CBD-rich flower may reduce its psychoactive effects, much as it does with marijuana.

It is widely believed that if you are experiencing negative side effects from THC use CBD. This is the same idea that goes into infusing coffee with CBD; some people who can’t tolerate high amounts of mind-altering products lean towards CBD. So, if you feel that Delta 8 THC might be a little too much for you then a Delta 8 Flower might be a good option. Also, try taking CBD if you feel you’re too high or it’s uncomfortable.

How Else Is Delta-8 THC Used?

If there is no flower, how else is Delta-8 used? It can be used in a variety of ways since it is produced into a concentrated form that looks similar to CBD distillate. It is a thick translucent liquid that can be mixed with raw Hemp Flowers or placed into syringes or cartridges, such as the Delta 8 THC Cartridges by Delta Extrax. While the distillate is technically considered edible, there has been very little research conducted on the effects of Delta 8 THC when it is metabolized in the body. Other popular ways of enjoying Delta 8 THC includes Tinctures.

Another cool, less known way of enjoying Delta 8 THC is through homemade edibles. Most of us are familiar with homemade pot brownies that you can make using Marijuana; however, you are able to enjoy Delta 8 Infused foods as well. This process involves Delta 8 THC Tinctures that you can add to your coffee, salad dressings, desserts, etc. Although, you will not want to add Delta 8 to scolding hot temperatures. For best results, we recommend keeping the temperature between 320° – 350° in order to avoid ruining the product.


A Delta-8 THC Flower does not occur naturally, but you’re able to enjoy Delta-8 THC distillate that has been sprayed to CBD Flower. This is a great way to enjoy Delta 8 because you’re getting all the benefits from the Hemp plant, along with the psychoactive effect from Delta-8 THC. However, mixing CBD with Delta-8 is a good way to counteract the effects of THC if you feel it’s too intense. Our recommendation is to get creative! Try different Delta-8 THC products and discover which one you like the best.

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