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Lab Test

At Delta Extrax, we strive to create high-quality, premium Hemp-derived THC products at the pricing that you deserve. We encourage you to maintain your healthy lifestyle while creating the products that allow you to do so.


We strive to ensure the quality and purity of every batch by submitting our extracts for third-party lab testing. For more information on our lab testing, feel free to reach out or visit our Lab Results page.

Check Out Our Lab Results:

Delta 8

Banana Candy Kush Batch BC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Banana Candy Kush Batch BC0222 – Lab Results

Banana Candy Kush Batch BC0122  Lab Results

Blue Dream Batch BD0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Blue Dream Batch BD0222 – Lab Results

Blue Dream Batch BD0122 – Lab Results

Cali Orange Kush Batch CO0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Cali Orange Kush Batch CO0222 – Lab Results

Cali Orange Kush Batch CO0122  Lab Results

Grand Daddy Purp Batch GD0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Grand Daddy Purp Batch GD0222 – Lab Results

Grand Daddy Purp Batch GD0122 – Lab Results

Razzberry Kush Batch RK0222 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Razzberry Kush Batch RK0222 – Lab Results

Razzberry Kush Batch RK0122 – Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch SC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Strawberry Cough Batch SC0222 – Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch SC0122 – Lab Results

Delta 8 DEA Accredited Lab –Lab Results

Delta Extrax Vitamin E Acetate – Lab Results

Delta 10

Ice Cream Cookies Batch IC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Ice Cream Cookies Batch IC021022 – Lab Results

Ice Cream Cookies Batch IC011022 – Lab Results

Hawaiian Haze Batch HH021022 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Hawaiian Haze Batch HH021022 – Lab Results

Hawaiian Haze Batch HH011022 – Lab Results

Maui Wowie Batch MW0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Maui Wowie Batch MW021022 – Lab Results

Maui Wowie Batch MW011022 – Lab Results

Delta 11 THC (HXY11-THC)

Pie Hoe Batch 50164 – Lab Results

Lemonade Kush Batch 50166 – Lab Results

Fire OG Batch 50169 – Lab Results

Mimosa Batch 50168 – Lab Results

GSC Batch 50168 – Lab Results

24K Gold Punch Batch 50167 – Lab Results


Blue Widow Batch BW0822 – Lab Results

Blue Widow Batch BW0222Lab Results

Blue Widow Batch BW0122 – Lab Results

Cherry Pie Batch CP0822 – Lab Results

Cherry Pie Batch CP0222Lab Results

Cherry Pie Batch CP0122 – Lab Results


Space Candy Batch SC0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sunset Sherbet Batch SH0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Tropical Zkittlez Batch TZ0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)


Mimosa Batch MM0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Mimosa Batch MM0222 – Lab Results

Mimosa Batch MM0122 – Lab Results

Golden Pineapple Batch GO0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Golden Pineapple Batch GO0222 – Lab Results

Golden Pineapple Batch GO0122 – Lab Results


Goji OG Batch GJ0222 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Goji OG Batch GJ0222 – Lab Results

Goji OG Batch GJ0122 – Lab Results

Lemon Jack Batch LJ0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Lemon Jack Batch LJ0222 – Lab Results

Lemon Jack Batch LJ0122 – Lab Results


Pie Hoe Batch PH021022Lab Results (Full Panel)

Pie Hoe Batch PH021022Lab Results

Pie Hoe Batch PH011022  Lab Results

Super Silver Haze Batch SH50713Lab Results (Full Panel)

Super Silver Haze Batch SH021022Lab Results

Super Silver Haze Batch SH011022  Lab Results

Goliath Pods

Berry Blue Batch BB0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Hawaiian Snow Batch HS0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

London Pound Cake Batch LP0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Honeyroot Extrax Live Resin HHC + HHC-O + HHC-P
Lights Out

Banana Runtz Batch BR0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Banana Runtz Batch BR0422Lab Results

Birthday Cake Batch BC1022 – Lab Results

Double Bubble OG DO0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Double Bubble OG DO0422Lab Results

Grape Ape – Batch GA1122 – Full Panel

Tangie Sunrise Batch TS0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Tangie Sunrise Batch TS0422Lab Results

Ocho Extrax

Straw Nanna Batch SN0822 Lab Results

Straw Nanna Batch SN0222 Lab Results

Straw Nanna Batch SN0122 – Lab Results

Torch Extrax

Champagne Breath Batch CB0922

Champagne Breath Batch CB0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Champagne Breath Batch CB0722Lab Results

Dosi Punch Batch DS0922

Dosi Punch Batch DS0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Dosi Punch Batch DS0722Lab Results

Laughing Gas Batch LG0922

Laughing Gas Batch LG0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Laughing Gas Batch LG0722 – Lab Results

Paradise OG Batch PD0922

Paradise OG Batch PD0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Paradise OG Batch PD0722Lab Results

Treetop Extrax

Berry White Batch BE0922

Berry White Batch BY030122 04/01/22 – Lab Results

Berry White Batch BY030122 – Lab Results

Dutch Treat Batch DT0922

Dutch Treat Batch DT030122 04/01/22Lab Results

Dutch Treat Batch DT030122 Lab Results

Sour Apple Batch SA0922

Sour Apple SA030122 04/01/22Lab Results

Sour Apple SA030122 Lab Results

Delta 8

Guava Purp Batch GP0822 – Lab Results

Guava Purp Batch GP0222 – Lab Results

Guava Purp Batch GP0122 – Lab Results

Insane Punch Batch IP0822 – Lab Result

Insane Punch Batch IP0222 – Lab Result

Insane Punch Batch IP0122 – Lab Result

Watermelon Candy Kush Batch WZ0822 – Lab Results

Watermelon Candy Kush Batch WZ0222 – Lab Results

Watermelon Candy Kush Batch WZ0122 – Lab Results

Delta 8 Concentrates

Tropical Candy Kush Dabs 1 Gram – Lab Results

Pineapple Express Pearls 1 Gram – Lab Results

Delta 10

Blue Candy Kush Batch BC021022 – Lab Results

Blue Candy Kush Batch BC120821 – Lab Results

Blue Candy Kush Batch BK110821 – Lab Results

Blue Candy Kush Batch BC100721 – Lab Results

Blue Candy Kush Batch BK9821 – Lab Results

Blue Candy Kush Batch BK8521 – Lab Results

Blue Candy Kush Batch BK7721 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK021022 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK011022 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK120821 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK110821 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK100721 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK9821 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK8521 – Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch EK7721 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC021022 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC011022 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC120821 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC110821 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC100721 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC9821 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC8521 – Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC7721 – Lab Results

Delta 10 – 2 Gram

Orange Creamsicle Batch OC021022 – Lab Results

Orange Creamsicle Batch OC011022 – Lab Results

Orange Creamsicle Batch OC120821 – Lab Results

Orange Creamsicle Batch OC102021 – Lab Results

Green Cush Batch GC021022 – Lab Results

Green Cush Batch GC011022 – Lab Results

Green Cush Batch GC120821 – Lab Results


God’s Gift Batch GG0822Lab Results

God’s Gift Batch GG0222Lab Results

God’s Gift Batch GG0122 – Lab Results

Purple Punch PP0222Lab Results

Purple Punch PP0222Lab Results

Purple Punch PP0122 – Lab Results 


Cannatonic Batch CN0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Runtz Batch RU0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

SFV OG Batch SF0822 Lab Results (Full Panel)

Super Glue Batch SP0822 Lab Results (Full Panel)


Berry Gelato Batch BG0822 – Lab Results

Berry Gelato Batch BG0222 – Lab Results

Berry Gelato Batch BG0122 – Lab Results

GSC Batch GS0822 – Lab Results

GSC Batch GS0222 – Lab Results

GSC Batch GS0122 – Lab Results

Double Bubble OG Batch DB0822 – Lab Results

Double Bubble OG Batch DB0222 – Lab Results

Double Bubble OG Batch DB0122 – Lab Results

Grape Ape Batch GA0822 – Lab Results

Grape Ape Batch GA0222 – Lab Results

Grape Ape Batch GA0122 – Lab Results


Sunset Sherbet Batch SS021022 – Lab Results

Sunset Sherbet Batch SS011022 – Lab Results

Sunset Sherbet Batch SS120821 – Lab Results

Sunset Sherbet Batch SS110821 – Lab Results

Sunset Sherbet Batch SS9821 – Lab Results

Sunset Sherbert Batch SS8521 – Lab Results

Mai Tai Batch MT011022 – Lab Results

Mai Tai Batch MT011022 – Lab Results

Mai Tai Batch MT120821 – Lab Results

Mai Tai Batch MT110821 – Lab Results

Mai Tai Batch MT9821 – Lab Results

Mai Tai Batch MT8521 – Lab Results

Headband Batch HE021022 – Lab Results

Headband Batch HE011022 – Lab Results

Tahoe OG Batch TA021022 – Lab Results

Tahoe OG Batch TA011022 – Lab Results


Uplift Batch UL0822 – Lab Results

Unwind Batch UW0822 – Lab Results


Blue Train Wreck Batch BT0822Lab Results

Blue Train Wreck Batch BT021022Lab Results

Blue Train Wreck Batch BT011022  Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch ST050711 – Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch ST021022Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch ST011022 – Lab Results

Honeyroot Extrax Live Resin HHC + HHC-O + HHC-P
Grimm’s Greens

Lemon Hypernova Batch LH0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Lemon Hypernova Batch LH0222Lab Results

Galactic Batch GB0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Galactic Batch GB0222Lab Results

Space Rocks Batch SR0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Space Rocks Batch SR0222Lab Results

Lights Out (THCh + THCjd)

Blueberry Skunk Batch BS0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Blueberry Skunk Batch BS0422Lab Results

Ekto Kooler Batch ET0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Ekto Kooler Batch ET0422Lab Results

Pink Panties – Batch PP1122 – Full Panel

Strawberry Kush Batch SK0822Lab Results (Full Panel)

Strawberry Kush Batch SK0422Lab Results

Wedding Cake Batch WC1122 – Full Panel

Medic8 Delta 8

Pineapple Diesel – Lab Results

Tropicana Cookies – Lab Results

Cherry Sherbet – Lab Results

Medic8 Delta 10

Lemon Runtz – Lab Results

Strawberry Cough – Lab Results

Blackberry Kush – Lab Results

Ocho Extrax

AC/DC Batch AC0822Lab Results

AC/DC Batch AC0222Lab Results

AC/DC Batch AC0122 – Lab Results

Sugar Extrax

Coco OG – Lab Results

Fruity Pebs – Lab Results

Lemonade Kush Batch LK0822 – Lab Results

Lemonade Kush Batch LK0222 – Lab Results

Pineapple Express Batch PE0822Lab Results

Pineapple Express Batch PE0222Lab Results

Pineapple Express – Lab Results

Sour Tsunami Batch TO0822 – Lab Results

Sour Tsunami Batch TO0222 – Lab Results

Tropicana Kush – Lab Results

Best Budz

Diablo OG Batch DO0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Diablo OG Batch DO041922Lab Results

Headbanger Batch HB0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Headbanger Batch HB041922Lab Results

Master Kush Batch MK0822 –Lab Results (Full Panel)

Master Kush Batch MK041922Lab Results

Acai Berry Gelato Batch AB0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Acai Berry Gelato Batch AB041922Lab Results

Candyland Batch Batch CL0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Candyland Batch Batch CL041922Lab Results

OG Shark Batch Batch OS0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

OG Shark Batch Batch OS041922Lab Results

Bestest Buds

Rainbow Runtz RR1022

Unicorn Piss UP1022

Island Skunk IS1022

Cereal MilK CM1022

Blue Cheese BC1022

Key Lime KL1022

Delta 8 Tincture

Focus Tincture 1000mg – Lab Results

Balance Tincture 1000mg – Lab Results

Chill Tincture 1000mg – Lab Results

Delta 8 Shot

Fruit Punch Delta 8 Shot 75mg – Lab Results

Delta 9 THC

Sweet Slices Batch 48600 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sweet Slices – Lab Results

Urb Extrax Delta 9

Blueberry Citrus Batch 48609Lab Results (Full Panel)

Blueberry Citrus 01/26/22 – Lab Results

Blueberry Citrus – Lab Results

Guavaberry Fruit Batch 48608 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Guavaberry Fruit 01/31/22 – Lab Results

Guavaberry Fruit – Lab Results

Kiwi Mixer Batch 48607– Lab Results (Full Panel)

Kiwi Mixer 01/31/22 – Lab Results

Kiwi Mixer – Lab Results

Peach Citrus Pomegranate Batch 48603Lab Results (Full Panel)

Peach Citrus Pomegranate 04/13/22Lab Results

Peach Citrus Pomegranate Lab Results

Sweet Watermelon Batch 48601Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sweet Watermelon 04/13/22Lab Results

Sweet Watermelon Lab Results

Tropical Raspberry Batch 48602Lab Results (Full Panel)

Tropical Raspberry 04/13/22 – Lab Results

Tropical Raspberry Lab Results

Delta 9 Shots

Blue Raspberry Slushie – Lab Results

Delta 10

Tropical Punch Gummies Batch 48594 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Tropical Punch Gummies 02/07/22 – Lab Results

Tropical Punch Gummies – Lab Results

Delta 10 Tinctures

Vibin’ Batch VB3121 – Lab Results


Green Apple Gummies Batch 48596 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Green Apple Gummies Batch 48455 – Lab Results

Green Apple Gummies – Lab Results

Wild Cherry Gummies Batch 48595Lab Results (Full Panel)

Wild Cherry Gummies Batch 48454Lab Results

Wild Cherry Gummies – Lab Results

Empire Extrax

Lemon Lime Batch 47704 Lab Results

Sour Hibiscus Batch 47705Lab Results

Sour Pineapple Batch 47706Lab Results

Happi Urb Extrax

Berry Blast Batch 49838 – Lab Results

Salted Caramel Batch 49837 – Lab Results

Strawberry Limeade Batch 49836 – Lab Results


Sours Gummies Batch 48591 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sours Gummies – Lab Results

Lights Out (THCh + THCjd)

Blue Razzle Batch BZ0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Kiwi Watermelon Batch KW0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Purple Berry Batch PB0822- Lab Results (Full Panel)

Purple Berry Batch PB0522Lab Results (Full Panel)

Purple Berry Batch PB0522Lab Results

Purple Berry Batch 48277Lab Results

Root Beer Float Batch 48392 Lab Results (Full Panel)

Root Beer Float Batch 48398Lab Results

Root Beer Float Batch 48277Lab Results

Sour Apple Batch SA0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sour Peach Batch 0522- Lab Results (Full Panel)

Sour Peach Batch 48400Lab Results

Watermelon Lemonade Batch WL0822 – Lab Results (Full Panel)

Omega Hydro

Mango Madness Batch 48593 Lab Results (Full Panel)

Mango Madness – Lab Results


Tropical Blast 01/26/22Lab Results

Tropical Blast – Lab Results

Cherry Limeade 01/31/22Lab Results

Cherry Limeade – Lab Results

Blue Raspberry 01/26/22Lab Results

Blue Raspberry – Lab Results

Delta 8 Infused Hemp Flower

Bubba OG Kush – Lab Results

Sour Diesel – Lab Results

White Rhino – Lab Results

HXY-11THC + D8 + D10 Hemp Flower

Blue Dream Batch EB0822 – Full Panel

Lemon Meringue Batch LM0822 – Full Panel

Rainbow Runtz Batch RR0822 – Full Panel

Space Candy Batch SY0822 – Full Panel

Strawberry Lemonade Batch SL0822 – Full Panel

Caviar Collection

OG Kush Batch OK042922Lab Results

Green Crack Batch GR042922Lab Results

Sour Diesel Batch SD042922Lab Results


Legend OG Full PanelLab Results

Legend OG Batch 48392 Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Full Panel – Lab Results

Strawberry Cough Batch 48393Lab Results

White OG Full PanelLab Results

White OG Kush Batch 48394Lab Results

Grape Ape Full Panel Lab Results

Grape Ape Batch 48395Lab Results

Sour Lifter Full PanelLab Results

Sour Lifter Batch 48396Lab Results

Moon Blunts

Blue Dream Batch 001122 – Lab Results

Gelato Hybrid Batch 001133 – Lab Results