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Liquid Diamonds Hemp Pre Rolls Explained


We’re excited to announce that we now have Liquid Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls. However, we realized that a large number of you don’t exactly know what any of that means. We will explain what our new Liquid Diamonds are and why this is something you’re going to want to try.

Kief Dusted 

Kief Dusted

Our Liquid Diamonds infused pre-rolls are pretty simple to understand, it’s a Delta 8 Hemp Pre-roll that has been hand painted with Liquid Diamonds and dusted with Kief. However, unlike other Liquid Diamonds infused pre-rolls the Kief is Hemp derived and the Pre-Roll is Hemp flower that has been infused with different types of THC. 

What is Kief?

There are specific glands on the Hemp plant known as trichomes. If you’ve ever looked at a Hemp plant that has tiny hairs or what appears to be tiny crystals, those are trichomes. When the trichomes break off from the Hemp plant it becomes Kief.

If you’ve ever grinded your own flower you’ve probably noticed a powder-like substance below in the compartment that catches the residue. That’s the Kief that fell off the flower and can now be smoked all on its own. 

Benefits of Kief

What’s great about Kief is that you’re re-adding all of the lost THC and Terpenes that fell off during the grinding process. This means you’re getting a better rich aroma from the natural Terpenes along with more THC.

In order to collect all of the trichome crystals you’ll need a grinder that has a Kief catcher, it can be a lengthy process as it takes time to build up. That’s why we offer joints that have been pre-rolled and dusted with Kief so that you can enjoy them at any time.


Our Pre-Rolls are Hemp flowers that have been infused with Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC. Also, they’re dusted with Kief and hand painted with Liquid Diamonds. We have hand painted our pre-rolls with Liquid Diamonds in order to enhance the experience and allow for the Kief to stick.

There are several ways to enjoy Kief on its own which include sprinkling it inside the joint or dusting the outside. In order to dust the outside of a joint you’ll need to add a sticky substance that’s safe for consumption and that will enhance the flavor of the pre-roll. 

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What are Liquid Diamonds?

What are liquid diamonds?

Our Hemp-derived Liquid Diamonds is what we use to coat the outside of our Pre-Rolls. The purpose of the Liquid Diamonds is to make a potent pre-roll full of flavor, potency, and to create a superior high like no other.

THC Concentrate

In short, Liquid Diamonds is a Hemp-derived THC concentrate that is used to coat the outside of the Delta 8 infused Hemp pre-roll. This THC concentrate consists of Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC. However, the flower used inside our pre-roll is a top-shelf Delta 8 flower.

The combination of all of these cannabinoids rolled up into one joint produces what is called an entourage effect. This happens when 2 or more cannabinoids are combined. In other words, it produces a unique high because you’re taking in Delta 8 and Delta 10 all at once

Are All Liquid Diamonds Hemp?

No, most commonly Liquid Diamonds are Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). This is a crystalized version of THC that gets melted down and hand painted on a pre-roll or dabbed. However, just like CBD – THCA is non-psychoactive and it only becomes psychoactive when you decarboxylate it (heat it up).

When this happens the THCA turns into Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but the issue is that it has more than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC. In order for a product to be considered Hemp compliant it must have less than this amount of Delta 9 THC. Therefore, we take different concentrates that provide a similar experience but are still Hemp compliant.

Pre Rolls Infused Liquid Diamonds

Strawberry Cough Pre Rolls Infused Liquid Diamonds Render

Now that you know a little more about what Liquid Diamonds are it’s time to present to you our new pre-rolls. One of the biggest differences between these pre-rolls are our current existing Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls are the size. These new Liquid Diamonds pre-rolls are half a gram while our other pre-rolls are 1.3 grams.

Although the size is different the potency is also very different. This is because our original pre-rolls were only infused with Delta 8 THC; our new Liquid Diamonds pre-rolls have more cannabinoids and potency along with some incredible strains.

Grape Ape

This heavy hitting Indica dominant strain is known for its profound taste of Grape that slaps you like the hand of an orangutan. You can expect delicious notes of grapes, a subtle taste of strawberry, and candy like flavors. The fruity notes in this strain along with the more mellow vibes will leave you in that right headspace.

Legend OG

Our Legend OG Kush is gas! It comes with a tart, floral orange fragrance that has a smooth draw. The Indica in this strain is perfectly balanced so it has that mellowness without leaving you too couch locked. This is a true legend in its own right that has multi layered flavors and aromas that stimulate your senses.

Sour Lifter

This pungent, gassy diesel strain of Sour Lifter has some intense flavors along with clear headed-calming vibes. It has a perfectly balanced amount of chill that sets the mood to slow down and let the Indica do its thing. The citrus flavor takes the edge off the natural aromas in this strain.

Strawberry Cough

Our Strawberry Cough is reminiscent of sweet strawberries that can make even the most experienced smoker cough. This potent Sativa strain has a skunky, berry aroma paired with more uplifting and euphoric terpenes. You’ll love the rich fruity notes along with the subtle taste of earthy-Hemp flavor.

White OG Kush

The White OG Kush is most commonly famous for the lemon, earthy pine flavors you get when you spark up. This Hybrid strain is very popular because of its euphoric and easygoing properties that tend to mellow out as the high intensifies. You can expect a blend of rich citrus and musk with refreshing hints of wintergreen.

Where to Buy Liquid Diamonds?

The Liquid Diamonds are currently available on our site but they are in high demand. If you’re wanting to try them we suggest you purchase them now before they sell out. You won’t necessarily see the Liquid Diamonds because it’s underneath the Kief outside of the pre-roll. Also, the Liquid Diamonds is what keeps the Kief stuck to the pre-roll.

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