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Live Resin vs Liquid Badder: Which Concentrate is Best For You

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Live Resin vs Liquid Badder: Which Concentrate is Best For You

Let’s get back to ✨basics✨. We love exciting new blends like THCA Diamonds, Terp Sauce, and Live Sugar, but today we’re going to take a step back and dig into our OG concentrates; Live Resin vs Liquid Badder. We’ll look into the similarities and differences to help you pick a favorite! 

What Are THC Concentrates?

First, let’s clarify what concentrates even are. The basis for delta vapes are basically: concentrate + terpenes, which is the cannabinoid blend and the strain flavor. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in plants, and when derived from cannabis plants, they are thought to work in tandem with THC. This is where strain flavor and aroma is derived from. Concentrates are exactly what they sound like: concentrated amounts of extracts from the cannabis plant (in our case, specifically the hemp plant). The difference comes in with how and when cannabinoids are extracted from the plant. 

What is the Difference between Liquid Badder and Live Resin?

What is Liquid Badder?

Liquid Badder Alaskan Thunderf*ck Device

Liquid Badder is crafted through an intricate process that involves extracting cannabinoids and terpenes from dried cannabis flower using solvents like butane or CO2. This process results in a whipped, buttery concentrate that’s rich in flavor and THC. 

What is Live Resin?

Gentleman holding Ekto Kooler and Blueberry Skunk 2G Disposables

Live Resin is extracted from fresh, flash frozen cannabis buds allowing the plant’s natural freshness and flavor to be preserved in the concentrate. Live Resin is known for being very flavorful and providing a much fuller THC experience. 

Live Resin Disposables

Live Resin has been on the THC scene for awhile now, and most products from Delta Extrax features Delta 8 Live Resin in the blend. This makes the experience vastly more enjoyable. It’s most potent in our Lights Out Collection, allowing the THCJD, THCH, and THCP blend to really stand out. This incredible blend comes in a 2 Gram Disposable Vape that is draw action for quick, easy hits. These are some of our best sellers, so THC enthusiasts really love this live resin blend!

Liquid Badder Disposables

Liquid Badder is used less liberally among Delta Extrax blends because it really is such a special concentrate it deserves its own line. That’s why we made the Liquid Badder 3.5 Gram Preheat Disposable. This is full of Delta 8 Liquid Badder and a powerful amount of THCP. These have proved to be so popular, we can barely keep them in stock! 

Live Resin vs Liquid Badder

Three Reasons Why THC Live Resin is Becoming So Popular

So how does Live Resin vs Liquid Badder stack up? They’re definitely close contenders, but for an everyday, essential experience the Lights Out 2 Gram Disposables are the go-to. These are made to make your everyday that much better, whether toked in the morning for a jumpstart or puffed on in the evening to relax. Liquid Badder 3.5 Gram Preheat Disposables are an absolute treat! Save these for your weekend unwind or your evening routine, because these powerhouses will take you to the stars.

Let us know – which one are YOU grabbing?  

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