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Try our new Moonblunts today! πŸ”₯

A potent blend of Live Resin Delta-8, THC-X, THC-JD, THC-B, and Delta-6 THC, our Moonblunts will take you sky high. Try one of each by clicking the button below!

Bigger and Better

At 2 grams, these Hydroponic Kief wrapped blunts deliver a dynamic high.

Rolled and Ready

Featuring the classic efficiency of blunts, these are portable and ready to light, no battery or charger needed!

Pure Potency

This proprietary blend of Delta-6 THC, THC-X, THC-JD, THC-B, and Live Resin Delta-8 is one of our best yet!

Gas OG THC-X THC-JD Moonblunt Live Resin 2G

Our Gas OG lives up to its name and has more natural flavors of a pungent Earthy flavor accompanied by those signature notes of diesel. Also, it’s well-beloved because of its heavy Indica properties that make for a chill evening at home.

Lemon Haze THC-X THC-JD Moonblunt Live Resin 2G

The Lemon Haze is a Sativa strain most renowned for the strong notes of lemon, lime, and citrus flavors. However, the Sativa characteristics make it perfect for social settings. The Lemon Haze is well-beloved among partygoers and those who want to make the tedious task much more enjoyable.

Purple Slurricane THC-X THC-JD Moonblunt Live Resin 2G

Purple Slurricane is a delicious Hybrid strain with heavy notes of grapes, berries, and blueberries. You can expect a well-balanced experience with more relaxing qualities from this strain. Although it’s a Hybrid, this strain is ideal when it’s closer to your bedtime.

Straw Nana THC-X THC-JD Moonblunt Live Resin 2G

One of the best-tasting blunts is the Straw Nana’s, which has solid fruity flavors. Also, the Hybrid qualities promote a relaxed yet happy experience. However, remember that the Straw Nana strain is known for being dank!