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New Collaboration Collection: Ocho Extrax

New Collaboration Collection: Ocho Extrax

We recently launched our 3rd collaboration collection called Ocho Extrax. It has been a great experience being able to partner up with other leading brands in the Hemp industry. This has allowed us to mix our premium Hemp-derived THC along with some great-tasting terpenes. However, this collection is no exception, discover how our Ocho Extrax collection is something you will want to try for yourself.

Discovering Ocho Extrax

Discovering Ocho Extrax

This collection was launched on December 2nd, 2021 and our customers have been loving it! It features premium HHC that has been enriched with THC-O. This is what produces a unique experience like no other product that you’ve tried before. The perfect blend of Hemp-derived cannabinoids along with some great-tasting terpenes makes this an instant classic.


This cannabinoid is an extract from the pollen and seeds of the Hemp plant. Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) has low to untraceable amounts of THC which means that it is Hemp compliant; although it has low to undetectable amounts of THC, it still has psychoactive properties. In other words, it can still get you high like regular THC can, it just won’t be as intense.

Another remarkable characteristic of HHC is that it’s not as sensitive to light or extreme temperatures like THC is. It can withstand UV rays without it affecting or compromising its potency. Also, the experience is said to be somewhere between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. This is a great cannabinoid for someone looking for something a tab bit stronger than Delta 8, but not as intense as Delta 9.


Another cannabinoid that is great, but tends to be more potent than HHC is THC-O. Although it’s commonly referred to as THC-O, its full name is THC-O Acetate or ATHC. On its own, this cannabinoid is known to be 3X stronger than regular THC. However, because this cannabinoid is so potent it tends to be enriched with other cannabinoids such as Delta 8, or in this case – HHC.

The effects of THC-O can be very intense, but when enriched with the right cannabinoid it is said to provide an uplifting buzz. It doesn’t take much of THC-O to get you into the right headspace. One thing to keep in mind is that most THC-O is Hemp-derived so it won’t be as intense as Marijuana. Nevertheless, the unique blend of cannabinoids is sure to provide an experience like no other!


What makes this collection very unique are the Terpenes used to add great flavor to these products. The 2 flavors include Straw Nanna and AC/DC, the Straw Nanna is pretty self-explanatory. It is Strawberry = Straw, and Banana = Nanna; but, the AC/DC is a flavor all on its own. Its taste has been often described as Earthy sweetness along with subtle hints of citrus fruit. The term “Earthy” is used to describe a flavor that is more natural, so think of it as a natural hemp flavor with some sweetness to it. Also, there is a subtle aftertaste of citrus fruit.

Ocho Extrax Products

Ocho Extrax Products

It’s worth noting that while we’re expecting more products to launch for our Ocho Extrax collaboration. We have 2 Ocho Extrax products that are available to vape. One is a Disposable which means it’s a device that comes ready to vape. The other product is a Cartridge, which you’ll need a special 510 thread device in order to vape.

Aside from the different product types and flavors, another notable difference is that one product is an Indica while the other product is a Sativa. This means that each one of these products can deliver a different experience for its users. Here is what you need to know about our Ocho Extrax strains.


Our Straw Nanna Cartridge is an Indica, which means it has more mellow Terpenes that promote relaxation. An Indica strain is more commonly known as a nighttime strain that is meant to help you wind down at the end of the day. Although you can use an Indica any time, it’s usually a good idea to use once you’re done for the day, as it is meant to promote a more relaxing vibe when compared to Sativa.

Indica Cartridge: Straw Nanna Ocho Extrax


When you think of 4:20 think of Sativa strains, which our AC/DC Disposable uses. This strain is meant to promote more uplifting characteristics for its users. Also, it is known as a daytime strain for this reason. If you need something to help start your day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up then our AC/DC Disposable is the product for that job.

Sativa Disposable: AC/DC Ocho Extrax


New Collaboration Collection Ocho Extrax - Conclusion

If you’ve ever tried our HHC or THC-O you’ll love our Ocho Extrax collection. It has the perfect blend of each cannabinoid, and it has some unique flavors. We use some amazing terpenes and have both Indica and Sativa strains available. We are still coming up with different combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids so be sure to look out for future collaborations that we have planned for next year.

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