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Extrax Vaporig for Dabs and Pearls


Device Details

With this Extrax Vaporig for Dabs and Pearls, you’re able to vaporize your Delta 8 THC concentrates. This device is discreet, portable for on the go, and its small size allows for incredible portability. Also, The device utilizes durable quality materials to ensure that it remains sound throughout your time using it.

  • Micro USB port
  • Built-in 1000mAh Battery
  • Protected hard storage case
  • Water glass bubbler
  • Replaceable tip atomizer
  • Instant-heat quartz crystal tip
  • 3 variable voltages show on button

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Extrax Vaporig for Dabs and Pearls


Connect micro USB cable into charging port to start charging. The LED light will stay RED while the device is charging. The LED light will stay GREEN while the device is fully charged. Remove the micro USB cable before starting the device. Important safety warnings; NEVER vape while charging

Do not expose to extreme temperatures or extreme sunlight. Do not drop the unit or accessories. Do not submerge in any liquid. Do not modify the electronics in any way. Please allow the full cool down between cycles or cleaning. Extrax Vaporig for Dabs and Pearls are intended for adult use only. Do not sell, provide or allow access to minors.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the glass bubble:Ā 1) Remove the glass bubbler attachment from the Vaporig. 2) Pour 99% ISO alcohol into the mouthpiece until all alcohol is thoroughly flushed out of the glass bubbler and allow to dry. To remove the water from the glass bubble just blow through the mouthpiece while shaking it gently.

Cleaning the heating tip & airway:Ā 1) Remove the heatingĀ tip to open the declaim chamber. 2) Soak the vapor tip in isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and allow to dry. 3) Remove the reclaim chamber 4) Dip the cleaning swab in isopropyl alcohol to aide in removing residue from the reclaim chamber and interior airway . 5) Reassemble the device after residue has been cleaned.


Weight 0.8 oz

New! 3.5g Preheat Series! šŸ”„