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THCA Diamonds Pre-Heat Disposable Bundle | Blackcraft Extrax

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Each bundle has 3 pre-heat disposables that are 3.5 Grams each, featuring a proprietary cannabinoid blend of Delta-8 THC & THCP+ & THCA Diamonds & Terpenes. This bundle contains one of each exclusive flavors:

  • Ghost: Ripe Strawberry, Soft Pepper, and Forest Pine
  • Phantom: Sweet Lemon, Fresh Earth, Citrus
  • Wraith: Juicy Grape with Hints of Pine and Lavender

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Blackcraft Extrax Bundle: THCA Diamonds Pre-Heat 3.5g Disposables

Ingredients: Delta-8 THC & THCP+ & THCA Diamonds & Terpenes

Suggested Use: 1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance

Blackcraft Extrax Disposable Flavor Profiles

  • Ghost: Ripe Strawberry, Soft Pepper, and Forest Pine
  • Phantom: Sweet Lemon, Fresh Earth, Citrus
  • Wraith: Juicy Grape with Hints of Pine and Lavender

Additional Product Information

  • 3 disposables per bundle
  • 3.5 Grams of THC blend per disposable
  • 10.5 Grams of THC blend total


What is THCP+?

We use the term THCP+ when we add more than the usual blend of Phytocannabinoid (THCP). The “+” expresses the high amount of potent cannabinoids in the product. You’ll find THCP+, along with a blend of other cannabinoids, to ensure a positive experience. Otherwise, an overly potent one would not be enjoyable on its own.

What are THCA Diamonds?

THCA Diamonds represent the pinnacle of cannabinoid extraction, emerging as nearly pure crystals during a cold-extraction process from live resin. These crystals, at 97-99% THCa potency, are accompanied by 1-3% terpenes and cannabinoids, offering unparalleled purity and potency. As the precursor to THC, THCA provides potent therapeutic potential, making these diamonds highly sought-after for their intense potency, purity, and unique therapeutic benefits in the realm of cannabinoid concentrates.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 THC is an isomer of CBD derived from hemp and CBD and is a psychoactive cannabinoid that packs several benefits. This unique cannabinoid is chemically different from its close relative, Delta-9 THC, differing in a few atomic bonds. Delta-8 occurs in small concentrations and is Hemp derived, making it Hemp compliant because it contains less than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC as required under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Blackcraft x Delta Extrax Collection

Blackcraft Extrax Reaper

We’re collaborating with the lifestyle and clothing brand Blackcraft Cult to release a line of Hemp-derived THC products. In this collaboration, you can expect to find some unique strains, a crazy combination of THC, and some never before seen product designs. This is the collab that will make you a fan of both brands.

Blackcraft Cult is a Southern California-based clothing and lifestyle brand known for its gothic-inspired designs and ethos of kindness, gratitude, and positivity. Spawned out of a SoCal attic in the summer of 2012, Blackcraft was the collaborative brainchild of Jim Somers and Bobby Schubenski. With only a hundred-dollar investment and a dream to inspire people in a positive light beyond organized religion, the duo has grown Blackcraft into a global phenomenon. The brand celebrates self-empowerment, self-expression, and all aspects of life that encourage personal freedom.

Blackcraft’s mission is to fully support and represent the counter-culture individual who belongs to a community of kindness, gratitude, and positivity. Now, they’re bringing this mission into the cannabis world. Blackcraft is teaming up with industry-leading brand Delta Extrax to create a line of innovative and high-quality products that will elevate the cannabis experience. Fans can expect a variety of new products, including gummies, disposables, bundles, and more.


Lab Test Results

Understanding Lab Tests

How To Use a 3.5-Gram Pre-Heat Disposable

  • Click the device button 5 times to turn it on.
  • Click the button 2 times to preheat; the light will stay on for 10 seconds while heating.
  • When the light turns off, it’s ready to use!
  • Click the button 5 times to turn the device off.
  • Store the device upright to prevent leakage.


Why is my Device Clogged?

  • Moisture & Oil Buildup: Clogs often happen because moisture and oil gather near the top, blocking the mouthpiece. As time goes on, vape oil can accumulate and limit airflow, eventually causing a complete blockage. The solutions we offer can easily fix this issue.
  • Frequent Use: Using your pen repeatedly and heavily can affect your disposable’s quality. Frequent hits can heat the oil, causing it to rise and clog the mouthpiece. It can even harm the coil inside, creating another problem.
  • Aging Oil: Attempting to extend the life of a disposable can lead to issues. Oil can harden around air holes when left unused for a while. While it’s possible to address this, older oil might not offer a pleasant experience due to its age. Older oil can also become thicker, making it harder to inhale.
  • Improper Storage: Where you store your disposable affects its performance. Storing it in warm environments can lead to oil hardening when it cools. Cold storage can make the oil thick and tough to draw.


How Do I Unclog My Device?

The following steps should help, but if the issue persists, don’t hesitate to reach out for more assistance.

  • Step 1: Charge Fully: Make sure the device is fully charged.
  • Step 2: Blow through the USB port until vapor comes through the mouthpiece. It’s okay if there’s some vapor residue on the mouthpiece—just wipe it off. You might need to blow a few times to clear the clog.
  • Step 3: Store Upside Down: Turn the device upside down for a little while to let the distillate gather near the chamber.
  • Step 4: Hit Again: Use the device again to bring the remaining distillate into the coils.
  • Step 5: Repeat if Needed: Do this process 2-3 times or until the device works normally.


How Do I Keep My Device from Clogging?

  • Store Right: Keep disposables standing up to stop oil from blocking airflow by gathering at the bottom.
  • Temperature and Dryness: Store cartridges in a cool, dry spot to keep the oil thickness just right.
  • Warm Up: Before using, pre-heat your disposable to make the oil less thick.
  • Keep Clean: Regularly clean the mouthpiece to prevent build-up.


Battery/Charge FAQs

  • Our 3.5G Pre-Heat Disposable charges via USB-C (cable not included).
  • The light on the device will turn off when the device is fully charged.
  • Battery life is dependent upon usage, but for moderate use, the charge should last 2-3 days.