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Products That Will Be Popular in 2022

Products That Will Be Popular In 2022

With 2022 just over the horizon we already have an idea of which products will be popular. It’s amazing how in just one year the demand from vape products shifted to Edibles; also, Hemp-compliant Delta 9 THC stepped into the scene. Here is our prediction on which products will be popular in 2022.

Popular THC Products

From what we’ve noticed in 2021 certain products became a lot more popular than others. We expected the demand for Delta 8 THC only products to start to decline. However, we did not anticipate Hemp-compliant Delta 9 THC to become as popular as it did. Here are our current top-sellers


This comes as no surprise as everyone seems to enjoy a good edible. They are delicious, potent, and very discreet. However, when we launched our Delta 9 THC Edibles, they took off in a way that no one expected.

It was very difficult for us to keep on the shelf due to the high demand. Also, the ongoing shipping crisis didn’t make things easy for us. We started off with plain gummies and then started shifting to shots and pop rocks.

Our prediction is that you will start to see more creative edibles hit the market that make getting high a lot more fun. In past times when only Marijuana edibles were available, the taste wasn’t the best. However, every day we’re finding different ways to make edibles better tasting and more enjoyable.


With over 120 different cannabinoids to choose from, we’ve only scratched the surface. It was revolutionary when we first launched our Euphorica Collection (Delta 10 THC). At the time not a lot was known about this cannabinoid but it later became a household name.

Then we launched a mixture of other lesser-known cannabinoids such as THCP, THCV, and others. What really took the market by storm was our Delta 9 THC collection. At the time no one else thought of adding Hemp-compliant Delta 9 into products. It was already present in most products, we just added enough to feel a buzz + be compliant at the same time.

What we foresee is the combination of these cannabinoids along with lesser-known cannabinoids hitting the market. We already see this happening in some of our collections like Chronix and Zenergy. Now we wait for the industry to catch up with us before we launch something new.


We don’t have any plans to be the pioneers since hardware is not something that we only focus on. However, with enough creativity and as the demand for 510 thread devices keeps growing; we know that someone will come up with a new way to enjoy them and reduce clogs and other current issues.

2022 Predictions

2022 Predictions

Based on the current trends that we listed above, these are some predictions that we have based on the Hemp Industry. These are just predictions and we could be wrong, but we predict changes in products and regulations.

Bigger Products

The Hemp industry is always looking for the best and the biggest. We have already launched 2 grams of Disposable devices while the industry standard is still only 1 gram. You’re getting twice the amount of THC per disposable device along with more flavor. However, we can foresee other companies jumping on this trend and it becoming the standard.

The same goes with edibles: when we first started selling Delta 8 THC products the concentrate was very expensive. As it became more available, the price to make it became less expensive, which translated to more affordable prices for our customers. This means for the same price we can make more if it and offer a bigger quantity of a single product.

More Regulations

If we learned anything from 2021 is that laws and regulations are coming. This is not necessarily a bad thing, since we agree that these products should be kept out of the hands of children. Also, it’s a chance to get rid of companies that don’t provide lab test results and don’t provide a safe product.

There is currently legislation in Texas that has the future of Delta 8 and other Hemp-derived cannabinoids pending. Although we can’t say for sure that Delta 8 will be allowed to stay, we did see Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC become popular there. The reason is because any product that has less than 0.03% of Delta 9 THC is Hemp compliant.

If they make the move to ban certain cannabinoids the Hemp law still stands. Anything with less than 0.3% of Delta 9 is considered to be Hemp and not Marijuana. Whatever the outcome with Delta 8 THC is, the next battle will be with Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC. However, any decision with Delta 9 can affect CBD as well, and that’s a lot more popular than Hemp-derived THC.



We have a strong reason to believe that edibles and bigger vape products will be very popular in 2022. Also, we can predict new and creative ways to enjoy these THC vape products hitting the market as well. There is already a move to ban certain THC products, but there will always be an exception or condition in which these products can be used and sold.

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