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THCa vs THCH: What Are The Most Powerful Gummies?

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THCa vs THCH: What Are The Strongest Gummies?

Let’s set the scene, shall we? It’s Friday night, your schedule is clear, and all you want to do is pop a tasty little edible and float away during your favorite chill hobby. So you open your stash and eye the goods. Your prerolls look tempting, and your favorite disposable is charged and ready, but you know gummies are the vibe. Except, sitting in front of you are two options: THCa Gummies and THCH Gummies. Which do you choose? To fully decide which gummy is strongest, let’s breakdown THCa vs THCH.

THCA vs THCH Breakdown: Looking into THCH

What is THCH?

Tetrahydrocannabihexol (THCh) chain

First we’ll talk about the scandalous, but now beloved THCH. Unfortunately, there’s a loud section of the internet (aka THCH Reddit) that likes to spew nonsense about “spam noids”.  These folks have never read a scientific journal, which is unfortunate because studies on cannabinoids are absolutely fascinating. Actually my boss edited this and said no one reads scientific journals on cannabinoids, but that’s okay because I DO and I will happily break down the facts. 

Is THCH Real?

THCH is real. It is a cannabinoid that legitimately exists and was discovered by Italian scientists in 2020. These same scientists discovered THCP a year prior, so we know they are legit. THCH, or, tetrahydrocannabihexol is distinctive in its structure, and binds more efficiently to endocannabinoid receptors than Delta-9 THC does. There is some argument about how much stronger THCH is than Delta-9 THC. Some proclaim is to be 10 times stronger, while others say 25 times stronger. However, at the end of the day, potency is dependent on the user, so you can decide for yourself where it’s strength lies. 

How Strong is THCH?

THCP Gummies: The Ultimate Edible Experience

What isn’t debated upon are the effects of THCH. This nifty cannabinoid is a heavy hitter. Most users agree that it brings about a prolonged body high that typically lasts longer than a regular Delta-9 THC high. It’s overwhelmingly praised as an enjoyable and euphoric, but relaxing experience. 

THCH and THCJD: The Perfect Gummy

And that’s what made it the perfect cannabinoid for our Lights Out Collection. THCH + THCJD with a foundation of Delta-8 THC (and a sprinkle of THCP) creates an incredible experience. And based on customer reviews, it is a well loved formulation. Aptly named, these gummies are known for intense relaxation and uplifting effects. It’s a perfect choice for a night in, spent watching movies, reading, or just simply vibing with the universe. 

THCA vs THCH Breakdown: Looking into THCA

What is THCA?

What else to know about THCA / Do THCa Gummies Work?

Moving on to the beloved THCA, we’re looking at a different type of cannabinoid. As the precursor to Delta-9 THC, THCA itself is not psychoactive. In this inert state, it is a lot like CBD and has very similar benefits and effects. However, it doesn’t take that much heat to activate THCA. Once warmed up, its carboxylic acid group is shed and becomes psychoactive.

How Does THCA Feel?

Holding on to three Adios Blend gummy jars

This psychoactive experience is very similar to that of traditional THC. We won’t get into the difference between THC and THCA here, since we already did an in depth blog on THCA vs THC. But the basic consensus is that once heated, THCa brings a deeply psychoactive experience. 

Which is why Delta Extrax created not just the Adios Blend 7000mg Gummies, but improved upon them with the Adios MF 12000mg Gummies. These are high potency THCA gummies, and definitely not for beginners! Users report that the Adios MF gummies “Feel freaking spectacular” without “being over the top.” A lot of people love them for sleep, and others love that they don’t feel couchlocked after taking one. 

THCa vs THCH: What Are The Strongest Gummies?

But that brings us back to our original dilemma: THCa vs THCH, which gummy do you choose?? Overall, THCH is a more potent cannabinoid than THCA. THCH effects typically last longer than THCA, and they bring a bolder body high. But in the battle of THCa vs THCH, it really comes down to the type of experience that you want. If you’re looking to straight chill, then grab those THCH gummies and find your bliss! If you want a more uplifting head high, then THCA gummies are what you’re looking for. 

So that leaves us with one final question…are you grabbing Lights Out 3500mg Gummies or Adios 7000mg gummies? Jump on our Twitter or Discord to weigh in! 

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