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THCJD vs THCP: How These Powerful Players Match Up

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Picture this Friends: I’m just jamming out to We The Kings pretending to be back in my “moody girl era” while taking hits off the Medicine Man THCJD disposable. It’s a glorious feeling, and the swirling haze sparks my brain into thinking more about the Wreck’d Blend. And I realize, THCJD vs THCP is a super fascinating subject that my THC Enthusiast friends probably NEED to know more about! So you all know what I did? I took a giant blinker filling my lungs with that sweet sweet delta goodness and then did a deep dive into all things THCJD vs THCP. Grab your favorite disposable and join me on this journey, because this one is a doozy!

What’s the Strongest Cannabinoid?

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That’s the burning question, right? You’ve probably seen heaps of back-and-forth online, especially in those THCJD Reddit threads, debating whether THCJD or THCP takes the top spot. But to truly understand the topic, we’re about to break it down molecule by molecule.

THCJD vs THCP: The Science Unpacked

Enter THCJD, flaunting its EIGHT carbon side chains, making it bind to the endocannabinoid system 19 times more effectively than Delta-9 THC. Impressive, huh? Not to be outdone, THCP rolls in with seven carbon side chains. Though slightly less jaw-dropping than eight, THCP binds 33 times more effectively than Delta-9, making it a front-runner in potency across more common strains.

The Drama Around THCJD

What is THCjd

I thought about whether or not to spill the tea on the drama behind this cannabinoid. After a few hours on Reddit, it seems only right to make some clarifications. Now I’m going to say this louder for the folks in the back: A different name doesn’t invalidate a cannabinoid. Not vibing with THCJD being called anything other than its scientific name, “3-octyl-Δ8-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ8-THC-C8),” doesn’t make it a scam and it doesn’t make it a ‘fake noid.’

Unfortunately, unless you discovered the cannabinoid, you cannot just change a cannabinoid’s name because you don’t like it. Delta Extrax does not have the naming rights to THCJD, and rebranding it could mess with consumer trust across the industry. So, let’s keep rolling with calling it THCJD and compare it further to THCP.

THCJD vs THCP: Battle of Psychoactivity

Everyone wants to know which is the “strongest” or “most psychoactive.” But here’s the deal: it’s all one big chemistry set in our bodies, mixing and mingling, creating unique effects. What’s “potent” may not necessarily mean “stronger” due to our unique body chemistries.

Cannabinoids each bring something special to the table. While THCP is known for its potency, where a little goes a long way, THCJD effects are much different. These might match THCP effects in terms of potency but lean more towards a psychedelic vibe, much like a magic mushroom experience—more of a “trip” than a “high.” That’s why you’ll find THCJD vapes feature smaller doses of the cannabinoid. This goes for THCJD gummies too and what makes our Lights Out Blend so tantalizingly and effective.

Why Delta-8 THC Still Rules

Lights Out Collection - Blueberry Skunk, Ekto Kooler, and Strawberry Kush 2G Disposables

At Extrax, we love to start with Delta-8 THC. It’s an awesome base to build off of that lets us experiment and enhance our blends. We’re all about testing and passion, crafting not just products but experiences. Our goal at Extrax is to give you a good time – not completely obliterate your consciousness! That’s why you won’t find blends with large amounts of THCP or THCJD. We understand the potency of these cannabinoids and exactly how much will take you to the moon.

Ready to Try?

Now you’re clued in on THCJD vs THCP, which blend are you vibing to try first? I’m all in on our Wreck’d Blend, but the Lights Out Collection is a crowd-pleaser for good reasons. Dive into either, and you won’t be disappointed. Scroll on to see my top picks from both lines!

Learn More About THCJD & THCP!

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