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THCP Flower vs THCA Flower: Which Flower is The Strongest?

THCP Flower vs THCA Flower: What's the Difference?

If I’m reading the room correctly, then it’s telling me that the only cannabinoids people really care about right now are THCP and THCA. There are some brands trying to make CB9a trend, but at Extrax we know what you want – what you really, really want. And that, my friends, is THCP and THCA. We’ve had some fun discussions about THCP Vapes and THCA Gummies, and today we’re going to talk flower. Specifically, we’re going to discuss the difference between THCP Flower and THCA Flower

Now, I know at least three of you just quietly whispered, “But Extrax doesn’t sell THCP Flower…” and that’s partially correct. We don’t have anything on our website that is listed as THCP Flower, but we have offered THCP infused flower. In fact, last year we debuted a wholesale exclusive flower infused with THCP. This was limited edition and sold SO FAST, which is why it never hit our website. Our Adios Flower is also infused with THCP, which gives it a really lovely kick. 

Breaking It Down To Basics

It’s important to note that infused flower is different than straight up flower. That comes across as a little confusing, so let’s break it down. We’ll start with basics and then work into the cannabinoid specifics. 

What Is Hemp Flower?

Hemp Flower is what we extract cannabinoids from. However, in its pure, plant form it is mostly CBD. That’s why you’ll often find infused hemp flower, because if you smoked straight up hemp then it would not be psychoactive. It would be a very nice, relaxing experience in the same way that CBD products are since it is, essentially, CBD. Hemp Flower is ideal for those who want to experience the full spectrum of cannabinoids and their benefits, without the psychoactive element.

What is Delta-9 Flower? 

Delta 9 Flower is typically derived from the marijuana plant. Where hemp is mostly CBD, marijuana is mostly THC. And the specific THC is Delta-9. This is what is traditionally known as “weed” and is legal in some states, but is federally illegal. In legal states, this is many people’s preferred flower due to the psychoactive nature.

What is THCA Flower?

THCA Flower is flower that has been cultivated until a certain level of maturity, and then harvested when the THCA yield is at its highest. In its inert state, THCA is non psychoactive, similar to CBD. Once heated, THCA changes and produces similar effects to Delta 9. This makes it perfect for those who love the effects of Delta-9 THC, but may not have access to medicinal or recreational marijuana in their state.

What is THCP Flower? 

THCP Flower is hemp flower that has been infused or coated with THCP distillate. Like most other cannabinoids, THCP does not naturally occur in high enough quantities in hemp flower to produce an effect. Thus, the THCP is extracted from hemp flower and then the concentrated amount is reintroduced to buds to create a stronger THCP experience. This does produce a different feeling than typical Delta 9 THC, so it is recommended more for experienced users.

Comparing THCP Flower vs THCA Flower

Now that you have a crash course on Cannabis flower, we can compare THCA Flower and THCP Flower side by side.


THCP Flower is infused while THCA Flower is straight up flower, and is grown that way. These two will also bring about different experiences as well. THCA has effects like Delta 9 THC, where THCP is a much stronger cannabinoid. THCP is very potent, and while the CBD from the flower will take the edge off, it could produce an effect that is too strong for the standard THC lover. 

Despite the potency, some might shy away from THCP flower due to it being infused or coated. This is why we recently launched our highly potent Diamond Heights, which features organically grown, exotic THCA flower. We even offer it in prerolls, for a more convenient experience!


We know many of you prefer flower to vapes or edibles, so you can find THCA Flower and THCP Flower on our site! Since they are both types of flower, you can smoke them in your desired method. You can typically get either flower as buds, moon rocks, prerolls, or nuggs so there’s quite the variety based on preference. 

Join The Conversation!

What do you think…should Extrax make more THCP Flower, or would you rather have more THCA strains available? Jump on our socials to let us know, or by joining the conversation in our Discord! In the meantime, we’ll be enjoying both types of flower and rolling up with our favorite cones.

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