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THCP + THCa: Why This Cannabinoid Cocktail is the Absolute Best

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Young lady vaping an Extrax disposable

You might have noticed that as a brand, Delta Extrax has been going HARD on THCa, THCP, and Delta-9P cannabinoid blends. Everywhere you look, you’re seeing THCa since it’s the coolest, most trendy cannabinoid on the market. And we wholeheartedly agree – THCa is GREAT. But you know what’s better? THCa and THCP working in perfect harmony for the most potent hit. 

The Buzz around THCa

Extrax Adios Blend THCa 4.5g Disposable: Jelly Sherbet placed in a wooded area

Now, we all know everything there is about THCa. On our site alone we have five THCa Blogs, but for anyone new let’s have a quick crash course. 

THCa is the precursor to Delta-9 THC. Essentially, it’s Delta-9 before it hits maturity and without heat. It’s baby Delta-9. Adorable, right? But that’s why everyone is going crazy for it. Because it is the closest version of marijuana-derived delta-9 THC that can be legally sold, we sell it as hemp-derived to comply with federal laws, and also because hemp is not just totally rad, but severely underrated. 

THCP & Delta-9p: Amplified and Underrated

Liquid Badder THCP+ 3.5g Pre-Heat Device: Alaskan Thunderf*ck
Liquid Badder Alaskan Thunderf*ck Device
Liquid Badder Alaskan Thunderf*ck Pre-Heat Device

Speaking of underrated, THCP is entering the chat. This lesser known cannabinoid is 33 times as strong as Delta-8 THC. So think about the delicious buzz you get from your basic, go-to Delta-8 disposable. Now increase that by quite a bit and then you have the effects of THCP. THCP can be quite potent and it is certainly not for beginners. Typically THCP is derived from a blend of both Delta-8 & Delta-9 THC, but we found a way to isolate it solely from Delta-9 THC, which is what we’re calling Delta-9p. So it is also THCP, just stronger. 

We’ve always had a grand fondness for THCp – in fact, in 2021 we launched our whole Platinum line around the cannabinoid! And we love it so dang much, we even brought that line back in stock for a limited time. That line just focuses on Delta-8 thc + THCP – already a terrific combination. Our new formulations are bringing THCa into that mix though, and the products are out of this world. 

The Winning Combination: THCa + THCP

A cascade of Delta Extrax products, including gummies and disposable vapes

I know, I know, we are very biased. We really love our own products – so much that samples are often passed around the Marketing Department and you can find our Art Team sharing their favorite disposies with the Social Media Team. From this internal testing, we’ve found that THCa and THCP is a winning combination! And if our team of THC experts absolutely adore a blend, then we know our customers will too. 

Staff Favorites

Delta Extrax Adios Blend THCa 4.5g Disposable - Thor's Hammer
Wreck'd THCa + THCp + THCjd 4.5g Disposable - Sour Joker
Adios MF THCa Live Sugar 12000mg Gummies: Watermelon Pucker Flavor

So what are the staff’s favorite picks? 

Our Social Media Manager is obsessed with The Adios Blend and likes Thor’s Hammer best. 

Our Head Graphic Designer loves a toke on Sour Joker to get her creative juices flowing. 

And our E-commerce Strategist has a special fondness for the Adios MF Watermelon Pucker THCP Gummies.

THCa + THCP + Delta – 9p Products and Collections

Which THCa + THCP / Delta-9P products are you dying to try? Check out our bestselling products featuring these incredible blends: 

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Last Updated: April 2nd, 2024

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